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The locations behind Game of Thrones

With an estimated global audience of one billion people tuning in for the premiere of the last season of Game of Thrones at the weekend, we took a look at the iconic locations in which the show is filmed.

From The King’s Road to Winterfell, we’ll explore why the real-life sites of Westeros continue to bring in tourism.

Give a dog a home: Daffy and Ozzy

Inspired by one of John’s own adopted dogs, this week we’re helping to find two worthy Jack Russells, Daffy and Ozzy a new loving home.

We will also be getting an update on how 11-month-old Flossy got on with finding her new home just two months ago.

For more information about Daffy and Ozzy, visit the Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary website.

The world famous pianist Lang Lang

After performing our theme tune at the top of the show, world-renowned pianist Lang Lang is here. We’ll be chatting to him at the piano where he’ll have a few extra treats for us!

And as well as that, he’ll be judging John and Rochelle's own ivory tinkling skills!

The hidden dangers of hair dye

It’s the beauty product that can have devastating consequences. We’re joined by Love Island’s Meghan Barton Hanson who recently suffered a terrifying allergic reaction that resulted in her calling an ambulance and being ‘unable to breathe’.

She’s joined by hair stylist Paul Percival - who has worked with Cheryl, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding - with advice on what to do to safeguard yourself.

Do we use anxiety as an excuse?

The subject of mental health is incredibly complex, but for Stella O’Malley it’s gone way too far.

Stella, a physiotherapist from Ireland, thinks that we have become a nation of snowflakes, that talking about mental health doesn’t achieve anything, and that we’re sending the wrong message by making anxiety ‘an excuse for everything’.

She’s here alongside Emma Kenny who believes that Stella’s controversial comments are outrageous and could seriously damage attitudes to mental health issues.

Use our helplines to find out more information and advice on anxiety and panic.