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Meet the dogs saved from the dinner table

Back in September we promised to find homes for 52 unwanted dogs, and so far we've found 15 out of 20 a loving family. Today we’re meeting Pip Tomson and Claire Bass who helped free nine animals from a dog meat farm in South Korea last month.

Pip has adopted two of the nine - Robin (a Maltese spaniel) and Bindi (a Chihuahua cross), and Claire has taken in Henry the retriever. They’ve brought Henry and Robin along today as we hear more about their plight.

Should you give your partner a 'free pass' this Christmas?

Forget jewellery, chocolates or expensive perfume, one American writer and philosopher claims men should give their wives and girlfriends a gift with a difference this Christmas - a free pass to cheat.

Dr Wednesday Martin says long-term relationships are harder on female desire than their male counterpart and a man should give his wife something she really wants this Christmas. Vanessa Feltz on the other hand, says this is ludicrous and vehemently disagrees with Dr Martin saying, “This is not what they meant by ‘goodwill to all men.”

The Radfords: 21 children this Christmas (and that's their lot!)

With just 18 days to go… are you panicked about your Christmas shopping? Spare a thought for the Radfords. They’re Britain’s biggest brood having just welcomed their 21st child: a baby girl, called Bonnie Raye.

Sue and Noel Radford say their latest addition is their last (although we’ve heard that before...) and they join us alongside their bouncing baby and their other sons, daughters and grandchildren as they plan their biggest and best Christmas ever!

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The Magic Mike boys storm our studio

Things are about to heat up in our studio. Channing Tatum has turned his smash hit Magic Mike films into a stage show - and now the boys have made it to the West End.

But you don’t need to head to the theatre to see them - as they’ll be taking over our studio for a ‘very revealing’ performance!