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EastEnders: Will Phil find Lou?

Louise is in mortal peril and as Phil desperately searches for her, he gets even angrier.

And, after 10 years away from Eastenders, Sean Slater finally returns to the square, unaware that Roxy is dead.

Could Tom Hughes be the next Bond?

From nineteenth century royalty, to an eighties rocker, and now a wartime spy - Tom Hughes is one of acting’s hottest young talents.

Playing a charming Russian spy in his latest film, Red Joan, alongside Dame Judi Dench - Tom tells us why he’s the master of accents and if he’s ready to be the next James Bond.

Anne Hegerty on learning lessons from Bradley Walsh

She’s the no-nonsense queen of quizzes, whose remarkable ability to answer practically anything earned her the nation’s respect.

But Anne Hegerty won our hearts in the Jungle, taking on a series of stomach-churning and challenging Bushtucker Trials.

Now Anne is back on our screens, hosting the second series of Britain’s Brightest Family which she joins us to discuss - and play!

Lambing season on the farm

Lambing season, it’s the busiest time of the year for farmers and shepherdess Alison O'Neill is no exception.

Tending to her 150 flock, she runs her one woman farm with military precision.

But what does a day in the life of a shepherdess really look like? We send Phil Vickery to find out.