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Fiona Middleton is back in Coronation Street

Watch an exclusive clip of Angela Griffin, back as Fiona on screen tonight.

She left the show in 1998 after six years, but is back to reveal the truth to her daughter Emma about who her father is.

Meanwhile, Corrie is running a storyline about coercive control and this week we’ll see how Yasmeen’s partner starts inventing symptoms like heart palpitations.

Can you really train your baby like a dog?

She’s the animal behaviourist who’s causing controversy with her radical new parenting techniques. After a successful career training dogs, Jo-Rosie Haffenden has now started to apply the same methods to children.

From offering them treats, to using a clicker, Jo-Rosie insists her techniques turn uncontrollable infants into caring and compassionate humans.

As she prepares to share her tips in tonight’s documentary ‘Train Your Baby Like A Dog’, she joins us today (armed with her clicker!) to explain why she believes we all need to train our children like mutts.

Own a piece of Hollywood history

Ever wanted to own a piece of your favourite Hollywood movie? Well now you can.

Some of the most iconic film props are about to be showcased at the UK’s largest live auction of film and TV memorabilia, but they’re stopping by our studio first.

From Russell Crowe’s Gladiator (2000) costume and Michael Keaton’s Batsuit (1989), to Tom Hanks’ running trainers from Forrest Gump (1994), and Mel Gibson’s sword from Braveheart (1995), we’re getting a dose of Hollywood nostalgia today as Prop Store CEO Stephen Lane brings some movie magic to the studio.