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Sam Rubin on James Bond's secret announcement

Speculation about the world’s most famous film franchise went into overdrive yesterday after a single tweet which said: ‘Coming tomorrow at 13:10 the #BOND25 Live Reveal from an iconic 007 location’.

Who will star alongside Craig? What might it be called? Has filming begun? Where on earth could that mystery location be?

Well we’ve tasked our own Showbiz Secret Agent, Sam Rubin, to find out all he can.

How to spot (and save) the bugs in your garden 🐛

We're going on a bug hunt, and we want you to come with us!

As an international effort to encourage people in cities to find and document plants and wildlife kicks off, we are finding out about the everyday British bugs in our gardens (some of which could potentially be the key to saving the planet).

Our presenters have been shrunk down as we get up close and personal with these incredible insects, alongside insect expert Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson, who is bringing along some creepy crawly friends.

'My medical phobia stopped me having life-saving treatment'

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is the worst thing anyone can hear, but for Carrie Rush that diagnosis was even more terrifying.

Carrie suffers with a medical phobia which means she was unable to attend hospital to undergo the treatment she so desperately needed to save her life.

After appealing for our help we sent the Speakmans to meet Carrie.

And after what has been a long and gruelling process, we find out today if Carrie has been able to have her all important treatment.

'We have jets taking off at the end of our garden'

Hearing the rumble of planes taking off and the screech of brakes of a landing plane has been daily life for residents on Wells Avenue near Southend Airport for more than 60 years.

But after a revamped taxiway is now bringing planes within yards of their back gardens - residents are banding together to say, enough is enough!

Joining us from their back garden are Alex and June Carr who fear for their health, well-being and sanity.

Twenty years since the murder of Jill Dando

Tomorrow marks 20 years since the shooting of television presenter Jill Dando.

The story shocked the nation, a brutal murder of one of the country’s most beloved broadcasters. A murder which still remains unsolved.

Today, we are joined by Judith Dando, Jill’s cousin, who is determined to keep Jill’s memory alive - and will on Sunday run the London marathon in her name.

She tells us, about her heartbreak at losing her best friend, why she thinks the nation was so struck by her murder, and why she believes we will never find out what really happened to Jill.