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Chimpanzees caught snacking on tortoises for the first time 🐒🐢

Chimpanzees have been caught on camera devouring tortoises!

A new study published in the journal Scientific Reports describes how a group of chimps in Loango National Park in Gabon smashed the shells of the reptiles before climbing up into trees to enjoy their snack.

Chimpanzee handling and consuming a predated tortoise ©Théleste.

The researchers said the technique displayed by the chimpanzees provides "further support for their exceptionally large and flexible cognitive tool kits".

While chimpanzees are known to hunt other animals, this is believed to be the first time they have been observed preying on tortoises.

The researchers, from the University of Osnabruck and Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany, observed 10 animals hunting hinge-back tortoises, which are native to Africa, on 38 occasions, 34 of which were successful.

The chimpanzees hunting tortoises were mainly male and used a "distinct smashing technique".

The tortoise meat was shared with other chimpanzees, including those who had been unsuccessful in opening the shell, a total of 23 times.

"In the two cases where adolescent chimpanzees attempted to smash open a tortoise, they were unsuccessful," the authors wrote.

"Similar to nut cracking in chimpanzees - a percussive technology which is only mastered at the age of approximately nine to 10 years - the acquisition of a successful tortoise smashing technique may rely on a certain amount of strength.

"In addition, it may also involve a relatively long period of time to learn, practise and refine."

Similar smashing techniques have been observed in the species to get into nuts and hard-shelled fruits.

This Morning Loves... dresses

If you need more dress inspiration, here's our best of the rest of beautiful summer dresses!

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Create your own Garden of Eden

This week the annual Chelsea Flower Show has inspired us to get into our gardens and create a more beautiful outdoor space.

With visitors admiring displays including the Duchess of Cambridge’s garden, and a second year of the This Morning rose, we’re getting some tips of how to create an instant update as the bank holiday weekend approaches and a supposed scorching summer lies ahead.

Downton Abbey's Lady Cora hits the big screen

She kept us entertained as the Countess of Grantham and is set to reprise her role in the much anticipated Downton Abbey movie this September, (with an exciting trailer released earlier this week).

But before she appears on the silver screen, Elizabeth McGovern has joined forces with Matthew Broderick on the London stage in The Starry Messenger.

Elizabeth tells us about her emotional return to the West End after ten years away, being papped riding the tube to work and reuniting with her Downton co-stars.

Soap Week: Meet the cast of Doctors

We’re continuing our Soap Week coverage ahead of this weekend’s awards do - and today it’s the turn of Doctors.

Elisabeth Dermot Walsh (Dr Zara Carmichael), Sarah Moyle (Valerie Pitman) and Ashley Rice (Dr Sid Vere) join us from their surgery set in Birmingham, meanwhile our resident Soap Queen Sharon Marshall is on the sofa.

'Help - my son's lifesaving cannabis is about to run out'

It’s a story we’ve followed for quite some time - Britain’s ongoing battle to provide medicinal cannabis to those who legitimately need it. We last met Charlotte Caldwell in June last year after she pleaded with the government for a special prescription licence for her son Billy, who suffers with life-threatening epilepsy.

Charlotte was integral in home secretary Sajid Javid’s decision in changing the law on the drug in October. But despite this so-called breakthrough, Billy’s mum has revealed that doctors have unable to provide her son with his supply thanks to new guidelines and she’s no longer able to afford private appointments.

According to Charlotte, the oil reduces Billy’s seizures and allows him a better quality of life and she won’t stop fighting until she gets her son what he needs, and she joins us alongside Dr Ranj.