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Meet Love Island evictee Joe Garratt

After a double dumping and a sizzling hot new arrival, Kem is here to give us the latest gossip from the Island! Plus, after Joe and Elma were booted from the villa after Tuesday’s re-coupling, Joe joins us in the studio to reveal how he really feels about Lucie, and hits back at his critics.

Queer Eye's Tan France: 'I hope my story inspires others to be themselves'

He’s one fifth of the fab five from the Netflix make-over show Queer Eye. Now Tan France is giving us an insight into what it was like growing up in South Yorkshire as a gay Asian, the prejudice he’s overcome and how he's found leaving the UK for the bright lights of Hollywood.

"We feel like a bunch of superheroes who get to go in and save someone’s life within a week. It really does feel like that. They’re in the worst situation where they’ve hit rock bottom and we help them. We discover who they used to be and who they want to be. It’s a lovely feeling." - Tan France

Richard Dreyfuss: Celebrating over 50 years in Hollywood

He’s had a career in Hollywood spanning over 50 years, performing in box office smashes such as Jaws and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. Acting legend and Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss join us on the sofa ahead of his one-off London theatre show, An Evening With Richard Dreyfuss.

Richard shares stories from his illustrious career - from almost drowning on the set of Jaws to becoming the youngest ever Oscar winner for Best Actor. Plus Holly and Phillip take on his $10 challenge - can they ask him a question about Jaws that he's never been asked before?

The inspirational teacher helping stammerers to find their voice

"Since I was four, I didn't really get support at all from the schools I went to. From four to 19 not a single teacher stopped me to speak to me regarding my stammer. I felt like I was probably the only person in the world who stammered.'' - Abed Ahmed

Abed Ahmed began to stammer at the age of four, and was mocked and bullied throughout his school life due to a lack of support.

Abed was told that he would never be able to become a teacher because of his speech impediment, but now at the age of 25, he’s just won New Teacher of the Year at the TES Schools Awards 2019, and started his very own support group to help younger generations gain confidence.

"There have been times where people have asked me for my name, and I struggle to say it, and I have comments like, 'Did you forget your name?'' - Abed Ahmed

Abed joins us on the sofa to share his inspirational story.

What are the signs of financial abuse, and how do you get help?

Financial abuse is the hidden cousin of domestic abuse – it’s all about dangerous, unfair, control of finances. It can be subtle or brutal. So be aware of it, both for your own relationship, and for others. Our Money Saving Expert, Martin Lewis, is here with help and info about your rights.

Can you offer Holly and Phillip (the Bulldogs) their forever homes?

As part of our mission to rehome 52 rescue dogs, today we’re finding out about the perfect home for lovable duo Holly and Phillip.

The mother and son Bulldogs currently live at Bulldog rescue home The Edward Foundation and are looking for separate homes because, "Holly can be quite domineering and it's taken some time for Phil to gain his own confidence without her".

Holly and Phil (the Bulldogs) join us alongside their handler De Randall.