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Welcome to our Inch Loss Island bootcamp

We’re headed to Inch Loss Island in sunny Crete where (the newly married) Fleur East is back to help three new recruits in their weight loss battle.

Vicky, Kieron and Mellissa will be joined by the Speakmans and the toughest personal trainer in the business, Brendan Walkin. First on the itinerary - weighing them live on the show to discover their goals.

How to get rid of cellulite

The summer holidays are upon us - but are you dreading getting your pins out on display for fear of revealing the unsightly orange peel?

Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered... from body wraps to brand new clinical technology, Lisa Snowdon is demonstrating the latest techniques to get your circulation going and smooth out the unsightly lumps and bumps.

Chace Crawford: From Gossip Girl heartthrob to superhero

We know him as Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl - a series hellbent on revealing the ‘scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite’ but now seven years after the series finale, Chace Crawford has left the Upper East Side behind for a new Amazon series The Boys.

So how has he found the transition from heartthrob to superhero? Does he still keep in touch with his Gossip Girl co-stars? And could we ever see a reunion special?

Have you tried this amazing garlic hack yet?

Slicing garlic and taking the bins out don’t need to be taxing - Steve Wilson is back with some handy home hacks.

Phillip and Holly's reaction to the egg yolk separating hack might give you a clue as to how it went live on air...

"It worked so well in rehearsal", claims Steve!

Nile Rodgers funks up our summer

Whether it’s performing alongside Diana Ross, George Michael, David Bowie or Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers has collaborated with some of the most famous musicians in history and this summer you can catch the legendary guitarist and producer doing what he does best, in a town near you!

The grandmaster of funk tells us about his UK gigs, touring with Cher and why he won’t let the wet British summertime ruin the party.

How to tackle female-pattern baldness

According to NHS England, around half of women over the age of 64 experience female-pattern baldness. This can be down to age, inheritance and the hormone testosterone. If you’re feeling embarrassed you’re not alone - Dr Sara is here to introduce you to 65-year-old Elaine Horton whose hair has been thinning for the last 25 years.

We’re helping her get her confidence back with celeb hairdresser Michael Douglas who has his top tips, products and techniques to help those struggling too.

Hairdresser Michael Douglas' tips for dealing with hair loss

Stylist to the stars Michael Douglas provides his top tips for tackling the problem of female pattern baldness.

  1. Don't get a bob: “I would say don’t get a bob cut as it will look too thin and flat - try growing it long just past your shoulders or have a very short but feminine style.”

  2. Fringes can help: “Fringes can work quite well - go right back with the fringe about 10cm from the front hairline.”

  3. Use hair accessories: “There’s lots of nice hair accessories that can help and go with your wardrobe - they cover the problem really well.”

  4. Pleats, top knots and low buns: “Pleats, top knots and low buns are really good for making it look like you have more hair. If you grow it longer you can backcomb it to give the illusion you have more hair.”

  5. Stay away from oily products: “Stay away from anything oily - they are heavy and it exposes the baldness more.”

  6. Good products to use: “The best products to use are: Bouffe, L’Oréal Magic Re-touch, Phil Smith Root Touch Up, Batiste Dry Shampoo and Wella Flex hairspray.”