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Must-have foundations of 2019

Whether it's picking the right colour, selecting the correct coverage, or choosing the perfect product for your skin and age, foundation is one of the trickiest items to get right in your make-up bag.

Bryony Blake joins us for a foundation masterclass with her pick of the best new foundations of this year.

Foundations featured by Bryony

Pat Mcgrath £60

Charlotte Tilbury New! Airbrush Flawless Foundation £34

Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation £43

Clarins Everlasting Youth Fluid Foundation £35

Rimmel Lasting Matte Foundation £7.99

Revolution Conceal and Hydrate £9

M·a·c the Art of Studio Fix £27

Milk Flex Foundation £32

Mother forced to breastfeed on a dirty train floor

She was forced to breastfeed her baby on a dirty train floor after no one gave up their seat. 22-year-old mother Sophie Molineux felt upset and shocked earlier this week when the incident happened and is now urging people to have more respect.

Sophie is joined on the sofa with her 13-month-old son Chester and breastfeeding advocate Lottie Daley.

Should we give weight-loss apps to children?

"This is not a diet app, this tool could help so many families and parents, it includes mindfulness.

Eating disorders are often triggered by something deeper than food. Who says it is an unrealistic goal to be healthy?"

Steve Miller

Parents have started petitions against Weight Watchers who have launched a new diet app for children as young as eight.

Weight-loss app Kurbo has been introduced in America to "help kids reach a healthier weight.” But with British parents concerned the app will spark obsessive eating behaviours, should we be worried that it will soon be launching in the UK?

"This is such dangerous territory, I got admitted at eight to my first eating disorder clinic and if I had had this app it would have been so dangerous"

Nikki Grahame

Joining us to discuss the matter is Nikki Grahame and weight-loss motivator Steve Miller.

Mindful eating can help with weight loss

Ever tried eating mindfully? Here are seven things we learnt from Thursday's show.

ONE. Everyone can benefit from mindful eating

Dr Ranj explains how to be mindful of the food you are eating - whether you'd like to lose weight or not.

"Mindful eating encourages you to switch off any distractions while eating to allow your mind to concentrate solely on your meal by smelling it and tasting it.

This causes you to eat less as you’re listening to the signals your body is giving you whilst thinking about the food you are eating.

More often than not, people overeat by paying less attention to their meals."

TWO. Conkers MAY help to get rid of spiders...

Obviously we love our little eight-legged friends, but if you'd prefer to see fewer of them in your home there is some scientific evidence that conkers produce a chemical that can repel spiders.

"Whether you can get enough of them around the home to do the job is another question, but put them out if it makes you feel better", says arachnid expert Professor James Logan.

THREE. Michelle and Mark like a pie and mash fight

Michelle Keegan is from Manchester, her husband Mark is from Essex. So is there a North-South divide between the two?

“Everyone always asks me that question. I don’t feel the divide. The only thing he does is when we go for pie and mash, he goes for liquor and I go for the gravy. That’s the only divide.”

FOUR. Doing something is better than doing nothing

If you're ever in an emergency CPR situation remember Dr Ranj's advice:

"Don't panic, if you remember anything at all, just use the adult sequence, you can use that on anybody."

FIVE. Ruth's perfect holiday (according to Eamonn) is ours too

With Eamonn and Rochelle presenting Thursday's show, we'll have to take Eamonn's word for what makes a holiday great for Ruth...

SIX. Marvin's a secret Spiderman!

Well not so secret actually, if you follow Rochelle on Instagram.

Eamonn: "So does he wear that at weekends?"

Rochelle: "Just to clarify, it's because our youngest is obsessed with Spiderman, and we're trying everything to make her eat her dinner..."

SEVEN. Josie'S got some moves

If you need proof, just see our girl take to the Blackpool ballroom floor. Strictly Come Dancing, eat your heart out!