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The best beauty gifts on the market this Christmas

With just 19 sleeps left until the big day, Christmas shopping is at the top of everyone's to-do list.

So whether you’re looking to treat a friend or spoil a family member, our beauty experts Sarah Jossel and Bryony Blake join forces to earn you some serious brownie points this festive season with their pick of the best beauty gift ideas.

From skincare products for him to must-have make-up brushes for her, our beauty duo have got you covered!

What to watch on TV this Christmas 📺

Deck the halls, trim those trees and get your red pen ready to circle the must-watch shows on the telly this festive season because December has arrived!

With the Christmas edition of the Radio Times due in shops tomorrow we’re joined by its editor Mark Frith, for a sneaky peek.

And to make sure you make the most of your holiday viewing, Mark’s sharing his top picks - as well as exclusive clips - of the best shows due to hit our screens over the festive period.

Phil Vickery's steamed raspberry jam sponge pudding

Since 1885 Tiptree Jam has been capturing the fresh flavours of British fruit for all of us to enjoy.

And today Phil Vickery has swapped his chef whites for white overalls and headed to a factory in Essex to see how the fruity condiment is made.

Back in the kitchen and armed with some fresh jam, Phil’s whipping up his delicious steamed jam sponge with warm custard - the perfect fruity treat to brighten up a winter's day!

The Script on how they use their music to grieve

"I believe it's a really important time, as a creative, to be able to pour that type of emotion, the unspeakable, the grief that you go through, where does it go?"

Danny O'Donoghue reveals that he poured the grief of losing his mother into The Script's new album

Over their 11-year career the boys of The Script have clocked up 10.8 million album sales, 30 million single sales and over 12 million monthly Spotify listeners. And with their latest album Sunsets & Full Moons going straight to Number 1 in the album charts, the famous trio show no signs of slowing down.

They joined us ahead of their 2020 tour and to tell us why they think their latest album is their "best one yet".

Are Christmas house lights tacky, or just a bit of festive fun?

After one homeowner in Somerset received a letter from his neighbours criticising his ‘tacky’ Christmas light display, we’re asking, is decorating the outside of your house with Christmas lights tacky or just a bit of festive fun?

Joining us in the studio is one person who thinks festive light displays are ‘nothing but eyesores’, former royal butler Grant Harrold. But Michael Farnes, the owner of Britain’s most decorated house (with over £10,000 worth of Christmas decorations) joins us live from Hove.