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Grandma Wynn's Wensleydale flan

Phil is back at Shacklabank Farm with This Morning Shepherdess Alison O'Neill for another slice of country life. Alison takes Phil to a local auction, where he not only learns what to look for in the perfect sheep - courtesy of advice from Alison's wise grandma Wynn - but he also tries his hand at auctioneering!

Then he's going, going gone, from the auction back to the farm to cook one of Grandma Wynn's favourite recipes Wensleydale quiche... sorry, flan!

Dr Ranj: Do you know what to do in an emergency?

Nearly one third of UK adults admit they wouldn’t feel confident performing CPR if they saw someone had collapsed and were no longer breathing. Instead they were more likely to call an ambulance and wait with the patient.

However, the time it takes for the emergency services to arrive can mean the difference between life and death. So do you know what to do in an emergency?

Dr Ranj is here now with his first aid masterclass, from CPR to the recovery position, he will teach you the vital skills needed that could save someone's life.

'Dementia robbed us of our memories... so we've made new ones'

Anne and Bill Duncan first tied the knot 12 years ago, but following Bill’s diagnosis with early onset dementia in 2011, his memories of their special day faded away.

Earlier this month, Bill shocked his wife of over a decade by asking her to get married once again. And together with their friends and family, they made the special day happen.

Anne joins us on the sofa alongside her son Michael to open up about the topic of dementia, share her experiences of renewing their vows, and how she hopes to inspire others to not give up when fighting the disease.

Are you happier with an empty nest?

A new study has found that having children does make you happy — but only after they’ve flown the nest. Researchers say this is because the stress of balancing childcare and work is replaced with a form of social support - something crucial to happiness as we get older. But would you ever admit you're happier without the kids at home?

Writer Liz Hodgkinson does, and says a bit of parent-child separation is a good thing. She joins us now alongside Vanessa Feltz who admits she wants to live in one big house with her children forever.

Has This Morning inspired a new Hollywood TV show?

A new TV drama airing on Apple TV later this year will give an inside look into a morning television show.

The show stars Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell, with Jennifer and Reese reportedly being paid around $1.25 million per episode, and the first two seasons have reportedly cost $300 million to produce!

Pammy wears her Baywatch cossie on dates!

Pamela Anderson hasn’t completely left her Baywatch days behind, as the actress reveals she often wears her famous red swimsuit on dates!

Pammy played CJ Parker in the hit TV series from 1992 to 1997 and is still able to fit into the swimsuit more than 20 years later.

Here's Sam Rubin with more...

Anne Reid: Star of new ITV period drama Sanditon

Sex, nudity and bare bottoms are not things you normally associate with the world of Jane Austen's fiction. But new ITV series Sanditon, based on an unfinished novel by Austen, is set to buck that trend completely.

Acting stalwart Anne Reid joins us to talk about her latest role playing Lady Denham in the show which starts on Sunday.

Anne, who has had on screen flings with Daniel Craig and Bill Roache will also be revealing why she’s not the easiest person to work with and why she’s no longer accepting roles where her character dies.