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How to get rid of split ends without a trim!

With salons set to stay closed for another month, don’t feel tempted to reach for the scissors just yet.

With her tips and beauty products, Sarah Jossel’s showing you how to camouflage split ends and frazzled locks to make your hair look fresh, health and summer ready - without a cut!

One million women will miss smear test in lockdown

Charities are warning that lockdown could lead to an increase in cervical cancer cases, as a result of one million women having their smear tests cancelled or postponed.

And, it’s a worry that resonates with mum-of-three Penny Simmonds - a cervical cancer survivor, who now campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of screening.

As she shares her own concerns of the long-term health implications the delay could have - she’s joining us alongside Dr Philippa Kaye.

UK temperatures plunge after days of hot sunshine

Temperatures are expected to drop to as low as 10C after days of hot weather around the UK.

Sunseekers basked in highs of 28C over the weekend, but a period of cooler weather is coming in with some places seeing heavy rain.

The warm end to May confirmed a significant milestone for the UK with the nation recording its sunniest spring since records began in 1929.

The Met Office recorded more than 573 hours of sunshine between March 1 and May 27, beating the previous record of 555.3 hours which was set in 1948.

But the start of summer will feel more like spring with temperatures set to "take a tumble", according to Met Office forecaster Matthew Box.

On Tuesday, the highest recorded temperature was 27C in Gosport in Hampshire.

Showers are expected in Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales on Wednesday, with temperatures unlikely to climb any higher than 20C in most places.

In many parts, including the South West and Midlands, the maximum temperature could be as low as 11C or 12C, and further north the mercury could struggle to get above 10C.

Mr Box said there will be a "range of temperatures", adding that some places could experience a 10-degree drop.

"We're saying goodbye to the prolific temperatures of mid-20s almost nationwide, and now we're seeing something returning much more to normal, or even actually quite cold for the time of year to be honest, depending on where you are in the UK," he said.

The highest temperature of the year so far was 28.3C recorded in the Highlands of Scotland on May 29.