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The Inbetweeners' Blake Harrison talks World on Fire

He rose to fame playing goofy schoolboy Neil Sutherland in The Inbetweeners. But 10 years on, Blake Harrison is all grown up, and taking on a very different leading role - this time as Sergeant Stan Raddings in BBC series, World On Fire.

As he tells all about starring in the World War II drama - he’ll also be opening up about life as a dad-of-two, and why he won’t let his daughter watch The Inbetweeners until she’s at least 30!

'I share my home with 27 injured rescue pups'

She’s one lady who’d never turn away a pooch in peril. Claire-Louise Nixon has made room in her heart (and home!) for 27 disabled dogs. The animal-lover continues to shock vets by getting her sickly pooches back to full health.

So what does a normal day look like in her house? Alison Hammond heads to Milton Keynes to find out.

'My husband drugged me and took intimate pictures while I slept'

When Candice Lee fell unexpectedly ill, she started to suspect her husband Lee might be behind it. However, the truth was even more sinister. Not only had Lee been secretly drugging her food for months, he’d also taken numerous ‘sex shots’ of Candice naked and unconscious.

Unable to face her abuser in court, Lee was handed a suspended 16-month sentence.

And as Candice now fights to lengthen Lee’s ‘unduly light sentence’, she joins us to tell her harrowing story.

Who's your celebrity lookalike?

When Friday's producer suggested Eamonn run his face through a celebrity photo lookalike app, who knew that he'd be matched to Hollywood royalty Leonardo DiCaprio?

Or should we say - when Leonardo DiCaprio runs his face through the celebrity photo lookalike app, will he be surprised to be matched to Eamonn Holmes?!