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Westlife once turned down a date with Claudia Schiffer!

The Irish manband are here to ‘raise you up’ this Monday morning by celebrating their comeback.

"Mark has just informed us of something I never knew. That when we shot Uptown Girl that Claudia Schiffer was in the video and she invited us for lunch and we turned her down!"


"Because we were a band of the nineties and noughties, when we split up in 2012 and we decided to get back together, the big thing for us was making something fresh. Something that felt that was more now rather than what we used to do, with a little bit of what we used to do in there as well… To try and kind of freshen ourselves up, we are still young!”

Kian Egan

Shane, Mark, Kian and Nicky have returned after a seven-year hiatus and join us to chat about their 11th studio album, Spectrum, and tell us why their return to the spotlight is about to be eclipsed by their children - all ten of them!

How to keep toasty... with a turkey muffler!

If the thought of getting out of bed on a winter's morning turns you cold, then Alice Beer has the solution.

From full-body hot water bottles to the latest heated duvets, Alice is here to show you how to keep warm wherever you are this winter.

So, James Nesbitt... what's next for Cold Feet's Adam?

"I think the stories, and the characters are all relatable. Over the years, our audience has grown up with the characters and I think they're not patronising. We can relate to at least one of the characters."

James Nesbitt

BAFTA-winning comedy Cold Feet returns to ITV in January but what’s in store for the new series? James Nesbitt who plays Adam, and whose affair with Karen (Hermione Norris) was exposed at the end of the last series, joins us to reveal all.

Plus, could Cold Feet be coming to the big screen? We find out.

Caitlyn for Queen! Our reaction to I'm A Celeb launch 🐛

"Steph said to me, as we were watching it last night and Caitlyn was really comforting for Nadine... 'if she has compassion as well, she's won this'"

Phillip Schofield

Ten fresh-faced celebrities entered the jungle last night in ITV’s hotly-anticipated 19th series of I’m a Celebrity.

But while it might seem like paradise now, our jungle panel of experts, Biggins, Toff and Kian Egan - are here to reveal what’s really in store for the class of 2019.

War veteran Billy Bradley: 'My dog saved me from suicide'

For war veteran Billy Bradley, the sound of his own doorbell is enough to trigger his memories of war. Medically discharged with PTSD and close to ending his own life, his saviour came in the shape of a four-legged friend called Max.

Today we honour them both as we inaugurate Max into our Dog Walk of Fame.