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Can the secret of health be discovered in Sardinia's Blue Zones?

She’s the international beauty guru on a mission to help us look and feel better, so we sent Liz Earle to the Blue Zones of the sunny Mediterranea...

Beauty to boost your holiday mood

If you’re missing beach-wavy hair and a summer glow, Cosmo’s Laura Capon is here with her top pick of products to get you in the holiday mood at home.

Stephen McGann says Call the Midwife will be back in action 'very soon'!

Actor Stephen McGann tells us when Call the Midwife will start post-lockdown filming and why it’s the perfect binge-worthy boxset!

Surprise! Josie sets sail unexpectedly at Legoland...

Josie’s at Legoland in Windsor finding out how families can stay safe in a theme park post-lockdown, but still have a fun day out with the kids.

English holidaymakers allowed to travel abroad from Saturday

English holidaymakers can embark on overseas trips from Saturday as quarantine restrictions are lifted and travel advice is updated.

This Morning Loves... summer prints

If you're loving your summer prints, take a look at our pick of the best breezy styles from the online high street!

One stop beauty shop - get ready for summer!

With beauty salons still closed because of social distancing Ateh Jewel has the products and DIY treatments to get you summer ready in no time.

Gok's lemon chicken

Gok's back with his easy lemon chicken, which has a surprising store cupboard secret ingredient - lemon squash! 

Dr Chris explains the foods which can mess with your meds

From grapefruit and liquorice, to bananas and milk, Dr Chris is here with his guide to the foods which can ‘mess with your meds’. 

We send Josie on the hunt for the not-so-friendly ghost!

We've recruited our very own ghostbuster, Josie Gibson to investigate the case of a potty-mouthed ghost spotted verbally abusing people in Somerset.

Super Saturday: The dos and don'ts as lockdown lifts!

As lockdown continues to ease, Alice Beer clears up the confusion about just what you can and can’t do, wherever you are in the UK. 

It's Phillip vs Holly in the return of Guess the Gadget!

Steve Wilson is back with a bunch of bizarre new gadgets to baffle Phillip and Holly in a game of Guess the Gadget

The best shorts for summer

The rise in temperature has been a silver lining for us during lockdown and before the next heatwave hits, we're swapping our jeans for a great pair of shorts.

British tourists hit with Covid tax by bars in Spain

Bars across Spain are charging a 'servicio Covid' ranging from €1 per table to €1 per drink, to cover the costs of their new personal protective equipment.

Perfect prints to stand out in the crowd

From go-to gingham to the perfect palm print Lisa Snowdon joins us live from her garden with the best prints to suit all shapes and budgets.

Six of our favourite cheeky slip-ups so far this year!

We love a laugh on This Morning, especially when our favourite funnies happen quite unintentionally! 👼

Leona Lewis pays tribute to NHS with special performance

Since winning The X Factor back in 2006, Leona Lewis has cemented her superstar status with mega-hits like Bleeding Love, Run, and of course One More Sleep.

John Torode's crab linguine

With Celebrity MasterChef returning to our screens this evening, John’s with us today to see how Phillip & Holly compare. 

The Lust List: Buy it now, or regret it later!

Shopping Editor Nana Acheampong is here with her ultimate lust list of what we should all be buying right now!

Meet the Disney artist behind your favourite Frozen characters!

He’s part of the team behind some of your favourite Disney characters, and today he’s sharing the magic with you.

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