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What does your choice of pancake topping say about you?

Pancake Day is one of the most delicious and indulgent days of the year, but what’s your topping of choice, and what does it say about you? Take a look below.

Lemon and sugar

No outlandish suggestions for you. You’re reliable, humble, and resistant to change.

You love pancakes too much to mess around with all those nonsense newfangled toppings – and believe classic is always best.

Maple syrup

A rule-breaker and a trend-setter - you’re obviously the cool kid in your group.

Easily excitable and super passionate – you don’t waste your time on anything mundane or boring.


If you’re going to eat pancakes, you’re going to get straight down to business.

You like letting your hair down and having fun with friends – in fact you’re the life and soul of the party and believe life is about living it to the max.

Ice cream / sprinkles/ anything goes

No matter how old you are, you’ll always be a child at heart.

You’re super laid back and don’t like making plans, meaning you often act spontaneously.

Your life is often drama filled, but you live by the motto, ‘go hard or go home’.


You like to be set apart from the crowd and definitely don’t conform to stereotypes.

You’re open-minded, happy to take risks and will always be open to new experiences.

Most of all, you’re confident in your own skin and aren’t afraid to stick up for yourself.

How to get Jennifer Lopez's luscious Superbowl waves

He’s one of Hollywood’s favourite hairdressers - responsible for Ariana Grande’s gravity-defying ponytail, and Kim Kardashian’s daring blonde bob.

But today, we’re concentrating on another of Christ Appleton’s clients, Jennifer Lopez - as he shows you how to recreate three of her best looks - including her luscious superbowl waves.

The IVF postcode lottery denying couples the chance to become parents

Thousands of women as young as 35 are being denied IVF treatment on the NHS - because of the area they live in.

Despite official recommendations that women should be eligible for IVF up to the age of 42 - one-in-nine Clinical Commissioning Groups in England are imposing their own restrictions on fertility treatment.

And, it's having a devastating effect on couples all around the country - including Steph and Tom, who join us alongside fertility expert, Dr Larisa Corda.

Harry and Meghan show anger at palace with new statement

Just six weeks after their controversial decision to 'step back' as senior royals - on Friday, Prince Harry and Megan Markle released a statement outlining their new roles within the monarchy. But, some have accused the couple of using the statement to take a swipe at Buckingham Palace - amid ongoing frustrations over their departure from the Royal Family.

So, what’s really going on behind the palace gates? We're joined by Royal expert, Camilla Tominey.

On the tone of the statement, Camilla said: "It’s pretty pointed. It’s certainly been drafted by an American because there are Americanisms in it. Also, it shows a fundamental lack of understanding of how the monarchy works. Yes Harry and Meghan are high-profile, important figures, but news flash, no royal is bigger than that institution - not even the Queen."

When questioned by Holly whether the couple would ever be allowed a private life, Camilla replied: “When they released this statement, they courted publicity. What did they expect that statement to do?

"My argument would be, if you want a fully independent, private life, and just to be treated like high-profile celebrities effectively, then you have to cut all ties."

'I lost my ear to a tanning addiction'

A woman who had her left ear amputated after developing skin cancer says she hopes others will learn from her mistakes.

Anthea Smith was left requiring life-altering surgery after years addicted to sunbeds. And with cases of melanoma in the UK having doubled in the last 20 years, Anthea joins us alongside Dr Sara with an important warning.