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Dynamo: 'My battle with coronavirus'

He’s no stranger to health problems but for award-winning magician Dynamo, Covid-19 was among the scariest of them all.

Now recovered, Dynamo updates us on his condition before sharing good news about his new series on Sky, and performing a trick for us.

'It's deeply harrowing' Dr Larisa on ICU experience

Fertility expert Dr Larisa volunteered for redeployment from the maternity ward to an intensive care unit and shares her experience of life on the frontline treating patients with Covid-19.

Dr Larisa told Phillip and Holly, “It’s really busy. The ward, whereas there used to be just one or two intensive care wards, they’re now spilling all over the hospital and we’re having to take over areas like theatre spaces that would normally be used for operating during elective procedures. Now all of that is gone and the whole focus is really just on treating Covid positive patients.

“So the ward I’m on, every single patient has Covid and every single patient has multi-organ failure of some sort. So it’s deeply, deeply harrowing and there are lots of people, particularly in South-London which is where I’m based.”

Nearly third of nurseries charging fees despite closure

Nearly a third of nurseries are still charging parents fees for children who are at home during the coronavirus pandemic, a survey suggests.

Some parents have been asked to pay more than 50% of their child's fees over the coming weeks despite them not being able to attend amid closures, according to a poll.

Nursery leaders say they have been forced to ask families for financial support to ensure they can fully reopen in the future as some are losing hundreds of pounds a day due to Covid-19.