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The 'miracle' anti-wrinkle cream praised by stars

It’s been hailed as a cosmetic breakthrough which will offer anti-ageing results like never before, and from today you can get your hands on it - after you’ve joined over 100,000 others on the waiting list!

But does Boots’ new No7 serum, Advanced Retinol 1.5 Complex live up to the hype? Sarah Jossel’s been putting it to the test.

Could hairdressers be allowed to reopen in June?

Health Secretary Matt Hancock says that he's 'more optimistic' about holidays this summer and is reviewing how we could all get back to the hairdressers...

At 9am this morning, the government launched the NHS Test and Trace system for England. Right now, you could receive a phone call from an NHS contact tracer informing you that you’ve been in contact with an infected person, and must isolate for 14 days.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that the system will be a gamechanger in lifting the lockdown.

So will its introduction mean hairdressers could reopen and summer foreign travel become a possibility? We put the questions to Hancock himself, as he joins us live.

NHS Test and Trace launches across England

NHS Test and Trace will officially launch across England on Thursday with the help of 25,000 contact tracers, although an accompanying app is still delayed by several weeks.

People with coronavirus will have their contacts traced under the scheme, which aims to cut off routes of transmission for the virus and control local flare-ups.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has urged the public to carry out their "civic duty" and make the new test and trace system work - saying the only other option is continuing the lockdown.