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What does your body odour say about your health?

Dr Chris is once again disguising himself as Dr Detective, by explaining what your body odour says about you. It’s known by many that ‘smelly’ odours occur when we are overweight or when we are stressed, but Dr Chris explains how certain smells could actually indicate certain diseases.

The most honest dater ever says losing 18 stone made her 'unloveable'

The world of online dating can be difficult for anyone, but for Hannah Hails it’s virtually impossible. After risking her life through weight loss surgery and dropping a staggering 18 stone Hannah was fitter and healthier than ever before when she joined Tinder. But beneath her size 16 clothing hid a secret; her dramatic weight loss meant Hannah had been left with rolls of excess skin weighing over two stone.

In a bid to be honest online, Hannah bravely began sending photos of her excess skin to her matches but has been devastated to receive nothing but constant rejection. Hannah now feels that, despite turning her life around, she is ‘unlovable’ and that her only hope is further surgery.

The doctor sacked for refusing to acknowledge gender change

I believe gender is assigned at birth, and that God made them male and female, this cannot be changed

– Dr David Mackereth

After 30 years as a doctor, it wasn’t old age or ill health which forced Dr David Mackereth out of work. Instead, it was his refusal to acknowledge people’s preferred gender rather than the one they were given at birth. Horrified, David says his right to say what he believes is under attack - and it’s part of a worrying movement which threatens civilisation as we know it!

You're a public servant ... you should be helping people, not using your own beliefs to play God

– Munroe Bergdorf

David joins us today to tell his story alongside transgender model Munroe Bergdorf.

Gender dysphoria helplines