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Coronation Street legend Bill Roache talks Life and Soul

As Coronation Street icon Ken Barlow, he’s survived dramatic bust-ups, made his way through four soap marriages, and been walking the Cobbles for so long that he’s been given a Guinness World Record for it! But away from the street, soap legend Bill Roache prefers a much calmer approach.

As he prepares to celebrate 60 years on the street, Bill joins us today to talk about his new memoir Life and Soul. He’ll be telling us his secret for living a long and happy life, and inviting Eamonn & Ruth to join him in a very special meditation.

'My son's girlfriend encouraged his suicide'

It’s the shocking true crime documentary which has divided opinion all over the world, but what’s the real story behind I Love You, Now Die?

In 2014, 18-year-old Conrad Roy tragically took his own life in a Massachusetts car park - which his mother Lynn initially tried to accept as a result of his ongoing battle with depression. But that wasn’t the whole story. After logging onto Conrad’s phone, police found hundreds of messages from his then 17-year-old girlfriend Michelle Carter, which seemed to show she had coerced him into taking his own life. Messages like “Do it, babe” and “You just need to do it”, ultimately led to Michelle being sent to prison on involuntary manslaughter charges.

But with huge questions raised over Michelle’s mental health, was she right to go to prison? And can someone else ever be to blame when another person takes their own life?

Conrad’s mother Lynn believes justice was rightly served, and joins us live from her home in Massachusetts to talk about the case which has shocked the world.

How to get the nineties make-up look

From blue eyeshadow, to super glossy lips - the nineties make-up trends are back and bolder than ever!

Bryony’s here today to put her modern spin on this comeback trend, as she shows us how to add some 90s sparkle to our make-up routine.

'Help! I'm terrified of escalators...'

For many of us, escalators bring a brief respite from having to tackle the stairs, but for Lucie Colman they instill a crippling fear.

Can the Speakmans help with Lucie’s phobia before it escalates even further out of control? We sent them to try and help.

'A long-lost sister left me £300,000 richer'

This Sunday, Ant and Dec are taking us on a DNA journey, as they look into their surprising past in a new ITV documentary series.

But Ant and Dec aren’t the only ones tracking down their long lost relatives. Today we’re hearing from Margaret Abbotts, who surprisingly inherited a life-changing quarter of a million pounds from her long-lost sister.

Margaret is here alongside family historian Danny Curran, who’ll be sharing his advice for tracing your own family tree.