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The Brit who helped Trump meet the Russians

Secret meetings, dirt on rivals, foreign powers in the shadows - it sounds like the plot of the latest hit TV drama - but this is real life. Since the day he was elected President of the United States, Donald J Trump, has denied rumours that the Russian government somehow aided his victory.

But it’s a British man - little known to the world - who’s found himself at the centre of this almighty political storm. That man is Rob Goldstone. He sent the email that brought the Trumps and Russians together. What was said at that meeting we still can’t be sure of.

But Rob was there - so can he tell us?

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Sarah Vine: The hidden cost of taking antidepressants

In the UK today, seven million people in England alone are on antidepressants to help with their depression and anxiety - a mental health issue that can come in many forms.

A successful columnist, and wife to politician Michael Gove, Sarah Vine is not afraid to say herself that she is one of that number. At times she has been left struggling to leave the house due to her crippling anxiety and found facing a day without her medication intolerable. But Sarah says the side effects of that medication were not something she says she was prepared for.

She’s here with us today alongside Dr Zoe.