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Phil Vickery's sticky toffee pudding

Phil’s sharing his version of a British classic - throwing it back to the 1970s when the original sticky toffee pudding recipe was created at Sharrow Bay in the Lake District.

You'll love this moreish sponge drenched in toffee sauce a family favourite.

Instant style updates from as little as £5

Be a savvy shopper this winter and update your capsule wardrobe on a budget, with pieces that you’ll wear all season.

From purse-friendly coats to bargain boots Rochelle Humes has got your ultimate winter wardrobe ready!

What are the power-hungry appliances in your home?

This winter 85% of households in the UK (that's 23 million households) are planning on rationing their use of gas and electricity in a bid to keep costs down and their heating up. But does that mean you have to cut back on your cuppa, turn off your tumbler or minimise your microwave use?

Alice Beer is here to show you how to get a handle on your heating by cutting back on the more influential household appliances that are eating your energy.

'A shared driveway feud has cost us our health, reputation and sanity'

If you think you have the neighbours from hell, then think again! Grant Shortland and his partner Melanie endured a four-year ordeal from their middle-class neighbours Christopher and Susan Hill thanks to an extraordinary dispute over a shared yard and driveway.

Grant Shortland and his partner Melanie

Credit: SWNS

The four-year reign of terror resulted in hundreds of police calls, emails and visits to their Somerset home, with Grant even wrongfully imprisoned in a police cell overnight. Grant and Melanie join us today to tell us all about their bitter-battle that, they say, has cost them their health, their reputation, their sanity and has left them living Somerset’s version of the Cold War.

'My ex-stalker could leave prison in three months - and I know he'll kill me'

I think he’s going to kill me. I’ve tried to appeal it but it can’t be appealed. The police said ‘you just get on with your life now’. They are not understanding at all. I’ve been told ‘aren’t you flattered’. I’m like not really no.

– Philomena Willits

It started as a brief university fling, but it turned into over 20 years of obsessive stalking and relentless harassment for 41-year-old Philomena Willits.

Earlier this week her ex-partner Brett David was sentenced to prison in a case described by the judge as possibly the most serious example of long term stalking there has been. But for Philomena, the nightmare will never end.

Having already served time in a psychiatric hospital, Brett David is expected to be released from jail in just three months. As the end of his sentence draws closer, Philomena now fears for her own life, as well as the safety of her family.