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How to beat pet obesity and get our furry friends fit

While we’re all guilty of putting on a bit of weight over the festive period, according to new research, we’re not the only ones!

Numbers suggest that 46% of dogs, and 34% of cats are clinically overweight and obese. So how can we help our pets beat the bulge?

Well, Dr Scott’s here with his fat fighting tips and advice to help get your furry friends fit this January.

Coronavirus: How worried should we be?

Since December, health authorities in China have been grappling with an outbreak of a coronavirus that has sickened hundreds of people and killed 26.

Fourteen people in the UK have been tested for coronavirus with five confirmed negative and nine still awaiting the results, Public Health England have said as experts warn there could be similar cases across many other cities in the UK.

Houseplants to make you happy!

Worth a staggering £2.2bn, the UK's flower and indoor plant market is booming - with millions of us embracing houseplants for our own homes. Whether you're looking to bring a bit of nature into your home, or just show off your green fingers, take a look at these indoor plants.

Would you try vaginal steaming?

Gwyneth Paltrow's new Netflix series has been criticised for featuring 'unproven, harmful' therapies.

The Goop Lab shows the actress exploring various offbeat wellness trends - from exorcisms and energy healing to group orgasms.

Experts have previously criticised the Goop CEO for promoting 'dangerous' treatments, including vaginal steaming, which is said to 'detoxify' the vagina. Gynecologists were quick to say that steaming your vagina was very bad for your health after a 62-year-old woman sustained second-degree burns from attempting it

We put the story to Gogglebox's Steph and Dom to see what they thought, and we think Steph's face says it all!

Tom Kitchin's kedgeree

Ahead of Burn’s Night this Saturday, Scottish chef Tom Kitchin will be cooking up a traditional favourite, perfect for your celebrations on Saturday - Kedgeree! We'll also be joined by bagpiper Louise Marshall to add to the Scottish spirit.

Fashion challenge: Styled by Phillip and Holly!

Tan France and Alexa Chung join us live in the studio to tell us all about their new Netflix show ‘Next in Fashion’, where they offer a budding fashion designer the chance of a lifetime.

Not only that, but Phillip and Holly will be battling it out and styling models themselves ready for Tan and Alexa to choose their favourite.

What can your pharmacy do for you?

A recent study found that over 20 million GP appointments each year are for minor illnesses, which could have been dealt with by a pharmacist.

With the NHS keen to relieve the pressure on hospitals and GP surgeries, we’ve sent Alice Beer to a high street pharmacy to find out about the variety of services they provide - from vaccinations, to weight loss clinics and teaching you how to correctly use an inhaler.