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Seven things you should NEVER put in the fridge

Running out of room in your fridge? Taking out the things that don't belong in there in the first place could help!


Not only does it take up a lot of space, but it also dries out. (But if you are going to toast bread anyway, it will save it going mouldy...)


They will be okay to eat, but the skin will go black more quickly.


Cakes will go hard, and meringues will go soft.


The chocolate starts to go white (fat rises to the surface) and the taste changes.


Wait for it to cool completely, to avoid contamination and messing up your fridge temperature.


The food will dry out. Decant the leftovers.


Products past their ‘use-by’ date or any unfinished food, for obvious reasons - but they'll also start to stink out the fridge!

Pet bereavement leave - compassionate or barking mad?

An 18-year-old student who claimed she was sacked for taking a day off to mourn the passing of her pet dog has started a petition with over 18,000 supporters calling for pet bereavement leave.

"Polly came to work with us, she came on holiday with us, she was with us all day every day.

So for us to lose her presence in our lives is massive."

Zak Edwards

We’re joined in studio by Zak Edwards, who says the death of his dog Polly was like "losing a member of the family", and who now allows his own employees time off to grieve their much-loved pets, and Anna May Mangan, who argues that allowing time off for pet bereavement is ‘ridiculous’.

The Speakmans go Stateside: Arachnophobia

Nik and Eva meet 27-year-old Stanley. Stanley has struggled with arachnophobia almost his entire life. But will our husband and wife duo help him with his fear of spiders - after first overcoming some difficulties of their own?

'Enough is enough', says one chief constable - so should our police be armed?

"I have lost count of the amount of times I have gone to knock on police officers' doors to tell their next of kin their loved one is in hospital, has been injured, or been killed.

I don't want to do that anymore."

Nick Adderley

Following a spate of violent attacks on Britain’s police officers, questions are being asked once again as to how well equipped they are to face the dangers on the frontline.

Saying ‘enough is enough’ is Northamptonshire Police Chief Constable Nick Adderley, who yesterday became the first constabulary lead to announce that all frontline officers in his force will be issued with tasers in an attempt to stop the mounting violence.

"No police office goes on duty wanting to use any force"

Tony Long

But are tasers sufficient? Former Metropolitan Police marksman Tony Long believes we should instead be arming all our police forces with firearms in a bid to finally protect our officers on duty. They both join us today to share their views.