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    UTV Life - Episode 22

    Pamela talks to comedian Neil Delamere about his upcoming tour and Irish singer Mary Coughlan on her work celebrating the legendary Billie Holiday.

    View From Stormont - Episode 177

    The upheaval in the DUP deepens as the party is hit by further resignations.

    UTV Life - Episode 21

    Pamela talks to DJ Annie Mac about her debut novel and catches up with indie pop musician Reevah.

    View From Stormont - Episode 176

    A comprehensive interview with the new DUP deputy leader. Plus we speak to Sinn Fein MLA Conor Murphy and the EU Commissioner Mairead McGuinness

    UTV Life - Episode 20

    Pamela chats all things GAA with Peter Canavan and Adrian Logan, and catches up with actor Ian McElhinney.

    Up Close - An Island's Shame

    Up Close, An Island’s Shame: Sharon O’Neill investigates the human cost behind the Mother and Baby homes scandal.

    Frontline Two - Episode Six

    Members of the clergy share more of their experiences of the Troubles, helping people to cope with the aftermath of atrocities

    View From Stormont - Episode 175

    As a new poll suggests support for the DUP is slumping, all eyes are on the new leader and how he will deal with the challenges ahead.

    UTV Life - Episode 19

    Pamela chats to Ross White and Tom Berkeley about their internationally acclaimed debut short 'Roy' plus The 4 of Us are back with a new track.

    Frontline Two - Episode Five

    Members of the clergy share their experiences of the Troubles, dealing with death and destruction while providing comfort and counsel to victims and families.

    View From Stormont - Episode 174

    How will Edwin Poots steer the DUP when he takes over as party leader and will he be able to undo Northern Ireland protocol?

    UTV Life - Episode 18

    Pamela catches up with NI Glow Up contestant Craig Hamilton, and there's chat and music from pop sensation Lea Heart.

    Frontline Two - Episode Four

    Press photographers recall their experiences during the Troubles when they were often eyewitnesses to harrowing atrocities. Contains distressing scenes.

    View From Stormont - Episode 173

    We ask if there is a crisis within political unionism as another party leader is forced out?

    Frontline Two - Episode Three

    Bus drivers reveal the personal stories behind keeping the buses running during the Troubles, when hijackings, riots and bombings were an ever present threat.

    View From Stormont - Episode 172

    The DUP is in unchartered territory as it prepares to elect a new leader but what will it mean for the future direction of politics here?

    UTV Life - Episode 17

    Pammie talks to 'bowel babe' Deborah James about the No Butts campaign and Omagh businessman Chris McGale about his memoir.

    UTV Life - Episode 16

    Pamela chats to Northern Ireland Women's footballers Marissa Callaghan and Julie Nelson and pop sensation Annabelle.

    Frontline Two - Episode Two

    Firefighters who served during some of the worst days of the Troubles reveal the stresses and strains of working on the frontline. Contains distressing scenes.

    View From Stormont - Episode 171

    A wide-ranging interview with the First Minister on Covid recovery and problems with the Protocol.

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