View From Stormont-Episode 77

As the Brexit talks enter a critical phase, our team in London examines what the next few days might bring and the likelihood of a deal being secured. In a special report, we talk to EU nationals who've made Northern Ireland their home about their concerns surrounding their futures here. Plus, in an in-depth interview Baroness Shirley Williams discusses her political journey as well as the highs and lows of her time as the first minister for Northern Ireland under Harold Wilson's government in the late 1960s.

Lough Neagh - Episode 9

In this week’s episode Joe plunges again into the history of Lough Neagh, joining archaeologists from Queen’s University as they uncover the remains of an early 17th century lough shore fort at Brocagh that played a role in the Nine Years War. He also joins local historian Jimmy Conway for a tour of the Shankill Graveyard in Lurgan which has some surprising connections to the water levels of Lough Neagh.

UTV Life - Episode 125

Pamela chats to her former RPM co-star Alan Plum Tyndall, Rita meets the miniature train enthusiasts ahead of model railway day, plus there's an interview with Hollywood actress Isabella Rossellini and music from David James.

For Valour

During the First World War, twelve soldiers from the Province of Ulster, were awarded the Victoria Cross.

A further five, whose fathers came from the Province, were also awarded the highest award for valour.

Join Paul Clarke for a special programme which provides a snapshot of those who were honoured with a Victoria Cross, some of whom paid with their lives.

View From Stormont- Episode 76

With the possibility of a Brexit breakthrough this week being talked down, the Chair of the Westminster Brexit Select Committee Hilary Benn tells us about his hopes and fears over the current state of negotiations and discusses Labour's six tests for any deal. Our panel of analysts also explore what might happen in the days ahead.

As one thousand high profile nationalists pen a letter to the Taoiseach calling on him to protect the rights of Irish citizens amid the uncertainty being caused by Brexit and Stormont's political crisis, one of the signatories joins us in the studio.