View From Stormont

View From Stormont- Episode 134

This week we’ve an in-depth interview with the Chief Medical Officer Michael McBride as the race continues to ensure that health care workers are provided with enough protective equipment when treating virus patients. Dr. McBride also shares his thoughts on the sustainability of the current social distancing measures. Professor Sam McConkey, an expert in international diseases discusses how authorities in Northern Ireland and the Republic are responding to the pandemic.

View From Stormont- Episode 133

In their first joint studio interview, the First Minister and Deputy First Ministers endorse the strict new shock measures announced by Downing Street to curtail the spread of the coronavirus. Leaders in the business and construction sectors react to the financial support being made available to assist the workforce and warn of the impact on the self-employed who say they feel left behind.

View From Stormont-Episode 132

With the DUP and Sinn Féin continuing to disagree over the timing of school closures as part of efforts to contain the spread of Covid-19, we hear from the Finance Minister Conor Murphy and Economy Minister Diane Dodds. They outline what measures the Executive plan to implement to mitigate the impact of the disease on public services in Northern Ireland. Plus, industry leaders explain how their sectors will be hit as social movement is restricted.

View from Stormont - Episode 131

This programme special examines the results of the public inquiry into one of the biggest political scandals to hit Northern Ireland.

As Sir Patrick Coghlin outlines what went wrong with the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme, we get reaction from the First Minister Arlene Foster who was in charge of department which set up the scheme and Sinn Féin’s John O’Dowd.

Our panel of expert analysts will digest the impact of the inquiry's findings on the delivery of future good governance.

View From Stormont- Episode 130

As the Coronavirus crisis deepens, we've an in-depth interview with the Health Minister on the expected cancellation of medical appointments and procedures as resources are focused on containing the spread of the infection. Ken Reid examines what impact Covid-19 will have on Budget 2020. Plus, there's a special report on the barriers women face trying to break into political and public life.

View From Stormont- Episode 129

As coronavirus spreads globally, just how prepared is Northern Ireland to deal with an outbreak ? We have expert views on the Executive's plans for the virus to move beyond the containment phase. Plus, we examine what damage Covid-19 is doing to tourism and industry here. With the UK and the EU seemingly miles apart on key issues, we speak to Hilary Benn about the first day of talks to try and secure a trade deal.

View From Stormont- Episode 128

Amid Stormont's money woes, this week we talk to the Infrastructure Minister Nichola Mallon about the major challenges she faces in securing investment for the public transport network. Plus, industry leaders share their deep concerns about the proposed points based immigration system which will come into force in 2021.

View From Stormont- Episode 127

With little sign of an agreement on talks to establish the next government in the Republic, we are in Dublin examining the likely options which could break the logjam. Also, in her first in-depth interview on the show the Justice Minister Naomi Long talks about the difficulties in trying to progress legacy projects and plans for new domestic abuse laws.