View From Stormont

View From Stormont- Episode 81

This week we've reaction from Westminster to the Commons statement by the Attorney General Geoffrey Cox on the backstop and his admission that some aspects of it could "become permanent" if it were to be used. Ahead of the crucial Brexit vote, business leaders who're on opposite sides of the debate thrash out the implications of the deal for Northern Ireland. Plus, in a special report from the Strabane/Lifford border we speak to people about how the agreement could impact their daily lives.

View From Stormont- Episode 80

DUP MP Sammy Wilson and Sinn Féin's Máirtín Ó Muilleoir join us for a special edition of the show, which examines the political and economic future for Northern Ireland amid the continuing Brexit crisis at Westminster. We, also speak to the Secretary of State as she tours Northern Ireland trying to sell the Brexit deal plus in an in depth interview the former president of the Methodist Church, Reverend Harold Good tells us that he believes many younger protestants are thinking twice about a 'New Ireland'.

View From Stormont- Episode 79

In her first Northern Ireland TV interview since the DUP party conference, Arlene Foster tells the programme that the apology over RHI made at the gathering was a personal as well as a party one. We, also get reaction from both sides on the EU deal after a group of business leaders met the four Remain parties and the DUP at Stormont. Speaking publicly for the first time a co. Down based businessman warns that the fishing industry could be finished if the EU agreement becomes reality.

View from Stormont - Episode 78

In this episode, we hear from the five main parties on whether or not the DUP is out of step with the business and farming communities over the draft Brexit deal.

CBI Director Angela McGowan gives her analysis along with the business broadcaster Jamie Delargy and Sara Moore has a special interview with the former Head of the Civil Service, Sir Ken Bloomfield.

View From Stormont-Episode 77

As the Brexit talks enter a critical phase, our team in London examines what the next few days might bring and the likelihood of a deal being secured. In a special report, we talk to EU nationals who've made Northern Ireland their home about their concerns surrounding their futures here. Plus, in an in-depth interview Baroness Shirley Williams discusses her political journey as well as the highs and lows of her time as the first minister for Northern Ireland under Harold Wilson's government in the late 1960s.

View From Stormont- Episode 76

With the possibility of a Brexit breakthrough this week being talked down, the Chair of the Westminster Brexit Select Committee Hilary Benn tells us about his hopes and fears over the current state of negotiations and discusses Labour's six tests for any deal. Our panel of analysts also explore what might happen in the days ahead.

As one thousand high profile nationalists pen a letter to the Taoiseach calling on him to protect the rights of Irish citizens amid the uncertainty being caused by Brexit and Stormont's political crisis, one of the signatories joins us in the studio.

View From Stormont- Episode 75

This week we examine the spending measures announced for Northern Ireland in the Chancellor's budget; the final scheduled one before Brexit. DUP MP Emma Little Pengelly and Sinn Féin MLA Máirtín Ó Muilleoir join us in the studio while political and business experts explain what Philip Hammond's budget statement means for people here. Plus, a special report assesses whether the PSNI needs to re-introduce 50/50 recruitment in order to make the organisation more representative of society in Northern Ireland. And our weekly look at Brexit explores the potential impact of a no deal for border regions.

View From Stormont- Episode 74

As Brexit continues to dominate the headlines, we've comprehensive analysis of Theresa May's latest update to the Commons on the progress of preparations for the UK's withdrawal from the EU. A special report from Dublin examines the Irish Presidential race ahead of polls opening on Friday and we speak to high profile campaigners on what is needed to encourage more women to break into careers in politics and business in Northern Ireland. Plus, the Ulster Unionist leader Robin Swann joins us in the studio after his claim to the annual party conference that the union is under threat from the DUP.