Coast & Country

Coast & Country At The Royal Welsh: Episode 16

It’s the 100th Royal Welsh Show and Ruth Wignall and Andrew Price have been joining in the celebrations of Europe’s Biggest agricultural show all week and will be bringing you all the fun and action from the showground from the past four days.

Coast & Country: Episode 14

It’s the start of the cockling season in the Burry estuary near Llanelli and Andrew Price gets a very early start.

Ruth Wignall joins the Welsh women walking group in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Coast & Country: Episode 13

SAVING WALES: Ruth Wignall is visiting a Georgian mansion with a fascinating shell grotto.

Andrew Price is at historic Gwydir Castle which is under threat from flooding and the national treasures being preserved and stored in an unassuming warehouse, near Cardiff.

Coast & Country: Episode 12

EPIC WALES: Ruth Wignall is scaling the heights of the newly named Prince of Wales bridge, Andrew Price is speeding along the Menai Strait and Hannah Thomas is in beautiful Pembrokeshire.

Coast & Country: Episode 11

Ruth Wignall meets ospreys in North Wales and her timing is impeccable - one of the birds known as Mrs G lays her 50th egg

Andrew Price meets Sultan the pit pony - a magnificent earth sculpture, near Caerphilly.

And find out more about the woman who has devoted her life to helping elderly dogs live a better life in their later years.

Coast & Country: Episode 10

Ruth Wignall meets the blind photographer who is inspired by the streets and parks of Cardiff.

Andrew Price goes sailing with a group - passionate about sharing the experience with all - in Barry.

Hannah Thomas is with a Search and Rescue team carrying out a cliff top rescue and the volunteers unearthing history in an abandoned cemetery in Swansea.