Wales This Week

Wales This Week: Ruined Rivers

This week Dot Davies investigates complaints that slurry is polluting our rivers.

Fishermen raise concerns that the fish population In Welsh rivers is declining and all on the Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales to do more to protect our environment.

Wales This Week: A New Dawn ?

ITV Cymru Wales cameras have followed Dawn Wilson for more than a year as she and her family come to terms with her terminal cancer diagnosis.

Tonight's Dawn's determination to raise awareness of the symptoms of breast cancer gets national recognition as the campaign promises a lasting legacy.

Wales This Week: Battle To Survive

The remarkable story of Josh Llewellyn-Jones, a 31-year-old fitness fanatic who lives with Cystic Fibrosis.

Josh undertakes an incredible challenge never attempted before as he campaigns to change attitudes around the disease.

Wales This Week: Hooked On Pills

Is Wales a nation hooked on prescription drugs?

It’s been described by some health experts as a “hidden epidemic” with more and more of us relying on antidepressants and painkillers.

Wales This Week investigates a growing prescription problem.

Wales This Week: Fit After Fifty

As Wales is hit with warnings about poor health and obesity we have the essential tips for staying healthy in middle and older age with stories from experts and inspirational people who are determined to stay fit after fifty.