Wales This Week

Wales This Week: Land of the Gun

In a special report, Siôn Jenkins meets Welsh families in Las Vegas who deal daily with life in the ‘Land of the Gun’.

Just months after the mass shooting there, he sees how easy it is to buy a deadly weapon.

And with protests about gun controls deepening, he hears of Welsh hopes and fears in the self styled ‘entertainment capital of the world’.

Wales This Week: Memory Matters

How would you cope if you were diagnosed with dementia in your 40s?

The personal stories of younger people with Alzheimer’s disease and the Welsh scientists making medical breakthroughs to treat the condition.

Wales This Week: After Mum's Gone

Mother of two Dawn Wilson has been diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.

She is determined to use the time she has left to raise awareness of the symptoms of her condition.

Her hope: to make a positive difference to the lives of others - after she has gone.

Wales This Week: The Paedophile Hunters

Paedophile hunters are a growing network of volunteers targeting online predators. But who are they - and what do they do?

Tonight, we follow these controversial groups in action and speak to those directly affected by online grooming.