Sharp End July 29th

An exclusive poll for ITV Wales puts the Conservatives in the lead in Wales for a Westminster election -and Plaid Cymru ahead for the Assembly. Adrian Masters is joined by the man behind the poll, Prof Roger Awan-Scully of Cardiff University and by Delyth Jewell AM from Plaid Cymru. There's also a look at Boris Johnson's first week as Prime Minister and at the Brecon & Radnorshire by-election campaign.

Coast & Country At The Royal Welsh: Episode 16

It’s the 100th Royal Welsh Show and Ruth Wignall and Andrew Price have been joining in the celebrations of Europe’s Biggest agricultural show all week and will be bringing you all the fun and action from the showground from the past four days.

Fishlock's Choice: Episode 4

A love of the world-renowned Pembrokeshire islands gave Mick Brown a remarkable opportunity - to become a guide on expeditions to the ends of the earth.

Now Mick has lost count of the number of times he has worked in the Arctic and Antarctic, building up a remarkable photographic collection of Polar wildlife and locations.

Staying in Pembrokeshire, Trevor also walks the Cleddau river from Hook to Neyland where he learns about Brunel’s ship, the Great Eastern.

When it visited Neyland in 1860 it was the largest ship in the world and thousands came from around Wales to see it.

Coast & Country: Episode 14

It’s the start of the cockling season in the Burry estuary near Llanelli and Andrew Price gets a very early start.

Ruth Wignall joins the Welsh women walking group in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Fishlock's Choice: Episode 3

Trevor Fishlock visits the Welsh mining village which claims to be the birthplace of St Patrick.

When he was a child writer George Brinley Evans discovered the legend that St Patrick had been born in his village.

George, now his 90s and a keen local historian, helps organise an event every year to mark the birth of the patron saint of Ireland.

Trevor Fishlock talks to George and his colleague Tom Marston who has researched the story of how Patrick was kidnapped by pirates and taken to Ireland.

Trevor also walks through the Carmarthenshire countryside to hear of fascinating links to America. Could the first sparrow to ever settle in the USA really have come from Ammanford?