THE INSIDER: Tears, cheers and a last minute appear(ance)

They said we couldn't top the X Factor: Celebrity episode one drama, we said: hold our microphone, we're cranking the volume up to 11.

V5 lead the South American invasion, Jenny Ryan was chased away by Nicole and Vinnie Jones entered the competition like a juggernaut! Put that kettle on, we've got so much to catch up on.

We picked up right where we left last week's episode, soaking up the L.A sun at Simon's house, the nerves were in the air thicker than the city smog. But how did our celebs get on?

V5 bring the JUICE!

FIVE Latin American social media influencers, SEVEN days to practice, and ONE shot to impress our Judges. Can V5 unite and make their mark on the competition with a Lizzo smash hit?