Acacia & Aaliyah

Acacia & Aaliyah

Having originally auditioned as solo artists, Acacia K and Aaliyah have united as a duo, and are ready to bring the energy to The X Factor.

Aaliyah is 15 years old and from North London. She comes from a musical family - her mum was in a girl group when she was younger - and her grandfather was also a singer. She believes winning the competition would be a chance to prove herself. "I may be the youngest in the competition, but I can still compete with people who have been doing this for years!"

Acacia is also 15 and comes from Lancashire. She started singing at church, but took it more seriously when she took part in talent competition Teen Star, which she won. She now feels like this is the moment for her to compete in X Factor. "I definitely feel I could win. I wouldn't enter if I didn't!"