Beauty with Boots


How much do you really know about Anthony, Dalton & Scarlett!? Stacey Solomon finds out…

It’s the end of Boots and Stacey Solomon's secret beauty gifting mission! They’ve managed to get our lovely X Factor Contestants the perfect gifts for them. Watch to find out what our three Finalists did when they received their surprises! Now it’s your turn to go out and treat your loved ones with a gift that says you get them. Over 'n’ out... mission definitely accomplished!


Anthony Russell does WHAT with a flannel? Watch what happens when he gets a beauty surprise!

To congratulate Anthony for getting to the Semi-Finals, Stacey Solomon gifts him with a box of his favourite Boots beauty treats. Watch as Stacey discovers the grooming products Anthony loves by speaking to the X Factor Contestants and even snooping through his Instagram. Watch Anthony’s reaction, including a big spoiler about a particular grooming product…was the gifting a success?

Watch Stacey Solomon on a secret mission with Boots!

Our official beauty partner Boots has given us a challenge: to get to know our X Factor finalists better so we can get them a gift that shows... we get them! So who did we call to help us with our secret mission? Only former X Factor beauty Stacey Solomon!

Watch as she snoops on Acacia and Aaliyah at our glam shoot to find out what make-up these girls really love...