Leon Mallett

Name: Leon Mallett

Category: The Boys

Judge: Louis Walsh

Can Louis make Leon Mallett’s dreams come true?

Leon Mallett takes on Gabrielle’s Dreams in a bid to secure a place at the Live Shows, with Louis clearly a fan of his original rap.

But, while Leon is left with mixed emotions following his performance, Mika feels Leon’s journey is just beginning, but will Louis put his faith in Leon?

  • Leon Mallett

Can Leon Mallett get any Closer to Judges’ Houses?

Leon Mallett entered the competition with his brother Alex as part of duo ITG, but after Simon decided they should go it alone at Boot Camp - can he convince Louis to give him a seat with his cover of Closer by The Chainsmokers?

With Simon taking credit for his successful performance and Nicole stating that seat number two has Leon's name on it, Louis takes the plunge and gives him a chair!