Louis Walsh

The veteran Judge is back this year and after leading Shayne Ward to victory in 2005, it'll be his goal to produce another chart-topper this time around!

How far can Lloyd Macey go?

Taking on How Far I’ll Go from the Disney movie Moana, Lloyd Macey is wondering just that! But, with his fate in the hands of Louis and Mika, will we be seeing at the Live Shows?

Mika believes there’s no one like Lloyd, and while Louis admits Lloyd isn’t your typical popstar, he is a fan of his lovability. In the words of Mika, is it time to add some spice?

Spencer Sutherland bares all for a spot at Live Shows

Spencer Sutherland is on a mission to prove who he really is to Louis and Mika, performing original song Wasted Time about his father for a place at the Live Shows.

After saying it felt “so amazing” to open up to the pair, his plan seems to have worked with Louis stating that he feels he “got to know him” a bit better. But, with Mika worried his performance is “slightly dated” - has Spencer proved he’s got what it takes?