Louis Walsh

The veteran Judge is back this year and after leading Shayne Ward to victory in 2005, it'll be his goal to produce another chart-topper this time around!

Louis’ reveal: Will Louis put his faith in Aidan or Lloyd?

With one final space up for grabs in Louis’ final three, it’s time for Aidan Martin and Lloyd Macey to face Louis and find out his verdict!

And, with Louis left concerned about Aidan’s emotions getting the better of him, it’s Lloyd who he feels is ready for the Live Shows! And, we can confirm nanny Christine is thrilled…

Louis’ reveal: Has Sam Black made the ultimate comeback?

Comeback kid Sam Black knows better than anyone what it’s like to get a no, but has he done enough to win over Louis for a place in his top three?

And with Louis believing in Sam, it’s not good news... it’s GREAT news, as Black bags himself Louis’ second place at the Live Shows!

Louis’ reveal: Will it be good news for Spencer or Leon?

Both Spencer Sutherland and Leon Mallett have done all they can to impress Louis, but which Boy will be rewarded with a place at the Live Shows?

With Louis not sure Leon is ready, it’s Spencer who grabs that first place in Louis’ final three, and it’s safe to say he was more than a little bit surprised!

Louis’ reveal: It’s the moment of truth for Jack Mason

With Louis determined to win this year’s competition, it’s vital he picks the right three Boys! But, will Jack Mason be heading to Live Shows?

And, while Louis might be a fan of Jack’s personality, his mind is made up and it’s not good news for Jack…

  • Louis Walsh

How far can Lloyd Macey go?

Taking on How Far I’ll Go from the Disney movie Moana, Lloyd Macey is wondering just that! But, with his fate in the hands of Louis and Mika, will we be seeing at the Live Shows?

Mika believes there’s no one like Lloyd, and while Louis admits Lloyd isn’t your typical popstar, he is a fan of his lovability. In the words of Mika, is it time to add some spice?

Spencer Sutherland bares all for a spot at Live Shows

Spencer Sutherland is on a mission to prove who he really is to Louis and Mika, performing original song Wasted Time about his father for a place at the Live Shows.

After saying it felt “so amazing” to open up to the pair, his plan seems to have worked with Louis stating that he feels he “got to know him” a bit better. But, with Mika worried his performance is “slightly dated” - has Spencer proved he’s got what it takes?

Jack Mason covers Emeli Sandé’s Clown for Louis and Mika

Jack Mason and his happy walk greet Louis and Mika, but will they be left feeling just as pleased after his performance of Emeli Sandé’s Clown?

Mika feels it was the "right song", and while Louis loves Jack's "fantastic" character, he fears Jack might not have THAT star quality.

  • Louis Walsh

Will Sam Black find Judges’ Houses Hard To Handle?

After being given a second chance to impress, Sam Black performs Otis Redding's Hard To Handle for Louis and Mika.

With Sam nervous but happy to be performing for the pair, Mika feels Sam has more to give and that he’s “worth” taking a chance on.