The Performances

The girls go HEAD-TO-HEAD for a spot in the band!

The remaining seven girls: Halle Williams, Jennifer Yusef, Jess Folley, Kellimarie Willis, Luena Martinez, Seorsia Leah Jack and Virginia Hampson are one round away from being in the Girl Band.

As the girls sing Sam Smith & Normani’s ‘Dancing With A Stranger’ for a place in the group, who will have the star quality the Judges are looking for?

Kellimarie brings Nicole to tears with EMPOWERING original song!

Bravery isn’t just saving a cat from a burning building, it’s also about believing in yourself and accepting that it’s fine to have days where you’re ‘not ok’.
Kellimarie’s original song ‘You're Not Alone Any More' is the song we all need in our daily lives. It’s a stunningly beautiful song with a positive message that we can all relate to.