Tonight the Six Chair Challenge concludes!

After a weekend of tears, tantrums and a whole load of drama, the Six Chair Challenge concludes tonight with Louis Tomlinson and The Boys, and Robbie Williams with The Groups. Join us on ITV at 8:35pm for your final dose of Six Chair chaos as the final categories fight it out to claim one of those six chairs, and earn their place at Judges Houses. Here's who'll be singing for survival tonight...

Misunderstood own Six Chair

Check out a preview of tonight's Six Chair contestants!

The boy from Benidorm - Danny Tetley!

Janice Robinson is back to make us dream

Gio and his triceps take to the stage

Josh!e faces the Six Chair Challenge

Felix gives it his all

Tommy drops a beat

Blackburn's finest - it's Nathan Grisdale!

Anthony Russell returns to Six Chair

Will Armstrong deliver another surprise for the judges?

Hey-yo, it's Aeo!

Will Brendan Murray get his song right this time?

Check out a preview of tonight's contestants!

Richard has something of a surprise in store for the judges...

Gio is ready to rock the X Factor!

A great name with a great guitar: it's Armstrong Martins!

Scott bares all in his X Factor audition...

The LMA Choir bring the noise!

Georgia Burgess asks the judges for a yes

Carpenter Ricky hopes to start building his music career

All the way from the Philippines, it's Sephy!

Tom returns to the X Factor after 8 years!