Queen versus Michael Jackson

Who sings the song? Take our quiz!

To celebrate Queen versus Michael Jackson week on The X Factor this weekend, we thought we would test your musical knowledge to see if you knew who sang what!

So take our quiz and see if you can handle being Under Pressure or if you love the Thriller of getting 100%. Good luck!

  • Queen versus Michael Jackson

Watch out, there's a new theme about!

Just as we were about to dust off our glitterballs and get in the party mood, the powers that be (i.e the four Judges and the Producers) called a last minute meeting very late last night, and decided to swap the theme from Disco Fever to Queen versus Michael Jackson... oooooh we love a bit of Glam Rock versus the King of Pop.

So who out of the final nine will go for a bit of scaramouche and who will be moonwalking off stage out of the competition?

All will be revealed on The X Factor this Saturday at 8pm on ITV

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