Saara Aalto

Saara Aalto is the self-described 'Snow Fairy' from Finland who has dreams of taking on the global pop charts. She's through to the Live Shows and is one of Sharon Osbourne's Overs!

Saara was the 2016 runner-up after be being beaten by Matt Terry!

Behind the scenes with Saara Aalto at The X Factor Grand Final

It took an army to dress Saara for her performance, where she sang Bjork's Oh So Quiet!

The X Factor Grand Final took place in London last Sunday night, and we've got some exclusive, behind-the-scenes photos of Saara Aalto before she took to The X Factor stage, where she performed with Kylie, and belted out 2 songs she hoped would help her win X Factor 2016. Ultimately, the crown went to Matt Terry. But Saara had one heck of a night!

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