Shan Ako

Shan Ako

Shan Ako has been impressing with her X Factor auditions so far, and now she's made it to Live Shows she doesn't plan to stop here!

Shan is 25 years old and lives in Croydon. She works as a session singer having attended the Brit School, as well as getting a First Class Honours in music Business and Management at Middlesex University. She considered working behind the scenes in the music industry but quickly realised it was on the stage where she belonged. "I tried a 9-5 PR job, but I hated it. I wanted to be performing as that's what makes me happy."

She considered her faith to be an important part of Shan's life, and singing in church gave her an outlet to perform. She wants her faith to be a positive influence to others. "I believe in God and that we’re all called to make the most of life by loving and helping each other, and I hope to share that message on the show.”

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