Sharon Osbourne

Mrs O makes her return to The X Factor for this year, with Sharon hoping to follow 2013's form by producing another winner like Sam Bailey!

Sharon’s reveal: Will Alisah or Grace grab Sharon’s final spot?

Emotions are running high for Alisah and Grace as they face Sharon to find out who has bagged her final place at Live Shows.

And, with Mrs O still in love with Grace, she’s forced to send Alisah home. We could do with a Dermot hug right now…

Sharon’s reveal: Has Holly Tandy done enough?

It’s the moment of truth for Holly Tandy, and with the 16-year old left with a lot to prove, has she impressed Sharon enough for a place in her top three?

With Mrs O putting her faith in Holly, she takes Sharon’s second spot at the Live Shows! But, who will grab that all important final space?

Sharon’s reveal: It’s Georgina’s turn to learn her fate

Next up, it’s GG’s turn to find out whether she will be going through to Live Shows and with a lot riding on Sharon’s decision, has she done enough to grab that second spot?

But, Mrs O’s mind is made up and with Sharon feeling that GG isn’t quite ready for the next round, it’s home time for Georgina. Pass us the tissues, that was emotional!

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Sharon's reveal: Will Sharon go for Deanna or Rai-Elle?

It’s time for Deanna and Rai-Elle to meet Sharon to find out which one has bagged themselves a place at Live Shows and with both Girls wanting a yes, whose dreams are about to come true?

With Sharon feeling it’s not Deanna’s time to shine, Rai-Elle is the first Girl to land a place in her final three! Cue the celebratory dance...

Deanna dives in and goes for a place at Live Shows

After letting the pressure of Judges’ Houses get to her, Deanna returns to face Sharon, Kelly and Jack with her rendition of Ed Sheeran’s Dive.

Kelly feels that Deanna has “great stage presence” but will she be showing off her skills as part of Mrs O’s final three?

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Is this Georgina Panton’s life changing moment?

Georgina Panton - aka GG - wants to prove to Sharon that she can be focused, picking In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins as the song to get her through to Live Shows.

While Mrs O spots that GG's pitch was off, daughter Kelly feels Georgina is "great" and has grown so much since her first Audition. Will Sharon take a chance on her?

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Has Grace Davies’ let her emotions get the better of her?

Grace Davies swaps writing songs in her bedroom for performing original track More Than You for Sharon, Jack and Kelly for a place at the Live Shows.

But, when Mrs O stops her mid-song and urges her to relax, things get emotional for Grace - but has she still got what it takes?

Alisah Bonaobra gives it her all for a place at Live Shows

Alisah Bonaobra faces Sharon, Jack and Kelly with Sam Smith’s Lay Me Down and hopes she can secure herself a place in Mrs O’s final three.

While Jack feels Alisah's delivered the cleanest vocal performance so far, Kelly feels there is something missing - who will Sharon agree with?