Six Chair

10 dramatic moments from this weekend’s Six Chair Challenge

Did you accidentally miss out on this weekend’s Six Chair Challenge? Or simply want to remind yourself of all the drama and excitement? We’ve put together our top 10 moments from The X Factor this weekend!

1) Stunned faces when Sephy performs – AGAIN

Remember Sephy Francisco, who showcased her amazing vocal range in her first audition which Simon called “two auditions in one”? She takes to six chair and stuns a whole new audience with her rendition of ‘Never Enough’. As Dermot puts it: “I could watch people watching Sephy for the first time all day!”.

What happened on Six Chair this weekend?

After an intense and dramatic battle Simon finally has his six girls for Judges Houses!

With Bella Penfold given the safe seat, Georgia Burgess and Maria Laroco had to fight for their X Factor lives to earn their places, alongside Shan, Scarlett Lee and Molly Scott.

How will Simon choose between these six incredible singers and decide who makes it to the live shows? Find out when Judges Houses starts next week!

It was no easier for Ayda in deciding which Overs will make it through.

Ricky John heard the safe seat buzzer and guaranteed his spot. Ola Yearwood survived from being the very first audition, and they were joined by Janice Robinson, Louise Setara, Danny Tetley and Gio Spanno.

But all was not lost for Panda or Burgandy, as Robbie saved them both and invited them back as a group. Find out next weekend what happens to them, as well as the boys category!

Check out a preview of tonight's Six Chair contestants!

The boy from Benidorm - Danny Tetley!

Janice Robinson is back to make us dream

Gio and his triceps take to the stage

Josh!e faces the Six Chair Challenge

Felix gives it his all

Tommy drops a beat

Blackburn's finest - it's Nathan Grisdale!

Anthony Russell returns to Six Chair

Will Armstrong deliver another surprise for the judges?

Hey-yo, it's Aeo!

Will Brendan Murray get his song right this time?