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Fact is – there’s no You’ve Been Framed! without YOU.

If you didn’t send in your videos, we’d have to show 30 mins of Harry doing his chores at ITV Towers...

As riveting as that might sound (we love watching Harry trying to unblock the loo after the Loose Women have had a night on the curry) we much prefer to watch YOUR funny moments, so we’re really grateful for every video you send in – we wish we could show them all on TV and give you all £250!

Unfortunately, as we receive thousands every day, that’s just not possible. So as we really want you to get your hands on £250 – we’ve put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you get your videos to the top of our shortlist.

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Share your funny videos with us and you could earn yourself £250!

We pay £250 for all home videos featured on our TV programme – so what are you waiting for? Let us have a laugh at your misfortune and turn it into cash!

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About YBF!

Surreal comedy from the mind of Harry Hill, featuring his unique observations on the world’s funniest accidents as captured on smartphones, video cameras, webcams & CCTV.

If you've filmed a funny moment on camera – Harry wants to see it!

Every week Harry examines the funniest videos submitted by UK viewers, and by viewers from around the world.

He welcomes you to join him on a voyage of discovery through this world of video nightmares. Where else could you find out what Will and Kate get up to while the Queen is on the loo? Or why Bryan May’s scalp makes a great piñata?

If you’ve ever wondered what David Cameron really gets up to behind the bins at Chequers, or why Lorraine Kelly needs to test the strength of Ross King’s thongs, then Harry’s your man.

But be warned – no one is safe from Harry’s surreal observations. Will the star of this week’s show be you?

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