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Got a question for us? You may find it answered below…

The Uploader Tool isn’t working – what do I do?

Although it is designed to work with all Browsers, some users have experienced issues when using Safari & Firefox.

If you cannot see this red symbol to click on, or if you are having any other issues with the Uploader, please try again using Google Chrome.

If problems persist, you can email your video to us – as long as your file size is not larger than 50MB. Attach your video to an email that contains your full name, address, and telephone contact number (do not omit any of these details – we need full contact details to arrange payments) and email us at framed@itv.com

Do you ever show any NEW videos?

We make 13 new episodes every year, and in a new episode EVERY VIDEO Harry narrates is new and unseen on UK television.

That’s a guarantee – New You’ve Been Framed! means Harry commenting on NEW videos throughout.

Harry will never narrate a video previously shown in a new episode… and that means we need a lot of NEW videos. So keep them coming!

Why do all your videos look so OLD?

In NEW episodes, every video is brand-new – it was filmed within the last few years. You’ll notice that the videos are filmed by smartphones, drones, Go-Pros and on selfie sticks.

If you are looking at a video that looks old then you are watching one of our classic repeats on ITV2.

These were made from 2004 onwards, so expect to see video tapes, disgusting noughties fashions, and hear a few dated jokes about celebrities…

And the bands who perform the songs in the music montages have all fallen out & split up!

But we still love these episodes – after all, falling over never goes out of fashion.

When are you going to change the £250 payment?

We discuss this all the time. Our show transmits around the world under different names (eg America’s Funniest Home Videos, Australia’s Funniest Home Videos) and the producers abroad operate their clip fees in a different way to us…

For example, on America's Funniest Home Videos (our parent show) they don't pay per clip, but the audience pick one clip every series to win $100,000...

But we keep coming back to the same question - do our viewers want to see just one clip win a staggering amount of money, or would they rather that every clip shown won a little something?

We still think it's the latter - in Britain we like all our losers to be winners.

So we intend to keep paying everyone who has their video shown on TV – and that means for now the £250 payment won’t be changing.

Why are video camera date stamps sometimes blurred out on the show?

You hated that too? We promise you won’t see a blurred date on a new episode – they’re banned!

The rise of smartphone technology meant we could stop doing it in 2014, as it was only old digital cameras and tape camcorders that added the year to the footage.

If you are seeing blurs, it’s because every series from 2004 onwards is currently transmitting on ITV2 so there is still a lot of blurred date stamps on screen….

If you are seeing this, you are watching a very old episode.

Why did we do it? Previous production teams were asked to blur the year as it was considered to be distracting to have a year on screen that wasn't the year of transmission... but we think those blurs are much more distracting than seeing a date, so we've phased them out where we can.

If I send my clip to you, can I also send it to other TV shows abroad like America’s Funniest Home Videos, or to websites like UniLad?

It’s your clip – you can send it to who you like!

But be aware that once you agree to licence your clip to another programme, or to a website like Lad Bible and UniLad, you assign your rights to them - and we can no longer consider it for a £250 payment in the UK.

Beware - many social media websites suggest you will receive a large payment for your video, but read the small print and you will find this is a POTENTIAL payment. They usually only award a payment to their favourite video of the month – NOT to every video they show.

Also – be aware that many programmes like ours abroad such as America’s Funniest Home Videos, and Australia’s Funniest Home Videos, all share their videos with us – we’re one big family.

If you assign your rights to one of our programmes abroad (for example, Americas Funniest Home Videos) you could still see your clip on You’ve Been Framed! but you will not be eligible for a £250 payment - you will only receive whatever prize / payment offered by the programme you uploaded to as part of their terms and conditions.

It’s your choice – but we recommend you upload to us, as we are the only programme in the franchise that pays £250 for every video shown on TV.

Do you not accept videos filmed in Portrait?

We do… But Portrait videos look TERRIBLE on TV – they’re the wrong shape!

So videos filmed in Portrait have to be AMAZING for us to justify showing them.

When making a video, always hold your phone so it looks the same shape as your widescreen TV – it immediately increases the chances of your video earning £250.

Why does Harry mention Swaffham every week?

Doesn’t everyone mention Swaffham at least once a week?

If not you should try it. Just run the word round your lips… exhale on the “haaaam”. Feels good right?

What advice would you give somebody who wants to get a clip shown on You've Been Framed!?

Best advice - film everything.

The more often people film the more they increase their chances of finally capturing something going wrong. You got a wardrobe that needs building? Film it. You planning on rehanging your pelmet? Film it.

You planning on chatting to your baby by the poolside... film it, as you never know when a dog will come along and leave a present for you in the foreground of your conversation…

… Yuck!

Logo of You've Been Framed!
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You've Been Framed!