You've Been Framed!

Harry's top tips

Fact is – there’s no You’ve Been Framed! without YOU.

If you didn’t send in your videos, we’d have to show 30 mins of Harry doing his chores at ITV Towers...

As riveting as that might sound (we love watching Harry trying to unblock the loo after the Loose Women have had a night on the curry) we much prefer to watch YOUR funny moments, so we’re really grateful for every video you send in – we wish we could show them all on TV and give you all £250!

Unfortunately, as we receive thousands every day, that’s just not possible. So as we really want you to get your hands on £250 – we’ve put together a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help you get your videos to the top of our shortlist.

Follow these instructions and hopefully you will soon get the news that your video has been selected to be on our TV show...


  • Don’t be downhearted if you receive a rejection email. We receive thousands of videos everyday, so our researchers have to watch and make instant decisions as to whether or not they think your submission is funny enough for the show

  • If you strongly believe that your video has been unfairly rejected we would suggest that you consider resubmitting it – our viewing team would be quite happy to view it again to see if there is something they missed first time around

  • Don’t edit your videos before sending

  • Any music, sound effects or graphics added by you will clash with Harry’s commentary - so please don’t add any of the above to your footage as it will result in it being rejected

  • Please don’t shorten your video moment – we need plenty of lead-in before your key moment happens, and plenty of time after your key moment for Harry to comment on it – videos shorter than 15 seconds are usually rejected

  • Don’t film your video the wrong way round! Videos that are filmed in Portrait mode (i.e. by holding the camera/smartphone upright, rather than on its side) only film a small portion of the action, making the footage distant and harder to see. These videos have to work much harder to get shortlisted

  • So remember to film your videos holding the camera on its side. This is filming in Landscape, and is the correct way to hold your camera, as it ensures your videos are the same shape as a widescreen TV

  • Shaky camerawork, glitchy footage, or pixelated digital footage can also result in a submission being rejected, so please hold your camera as steady as possible whilst filming – we don’t want the people at home to get motion sickness whilst they’re eating their tea!


  • Do film everything you see – for as long as you can!

  • We need our videos to be approximately 15 seconds long in order for Harry to comment on them. Ideally we prefer at least 10 seconds lead-in before the funny event happens (we need this for Harry to set the scene) and 5-6 seconds after the event for Harry to make a joke about it

  • We always like to show our viewers that no-one has been seriously hurt as a result of any accident – so do keep filming when you rush in to help... remember – help first – press stop later!

  • Do keep trying

  • We always encourage viewers to keep filming and submitting their videos – the more you film, the more often you submit, the greater the chances of getting one, or two, or several accepted...

So those are Harry's top tips - get filming and good luck!

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You've Been Framed!