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Fresh Cuts 2024 FAQs

Fresh Cuts 2024

After the success of the Fresh Cuts strands in 2022 and last year, ITV and MultiStory Media, part of ITV Studios, are proud to launch Fresh Cuts 2024 through the Diversity Commissioning Fund.

Fresh Cuts 2024 will be different. This year we want to hear from a new generation of directors and creatives who can reflect the lives of a diverse and inclusive Britain.

We are looking for Black and/or Disabled, and/or Deaf, and/or Neurodivergent content creators, Producer/Directors (PDs) and DV Directors looking for an opportunity to create content for a major UK broadcaster.

This year, we want you to create a series of short form content that will captivate viewers. If you have ideas for a series of unscripted shorts (approx. 4 episodes, each between 8 to 12 minutes in length), we are keen to hear from you.

We are looking for content that we can broadcast on all our ITV platforms, throughout the year but launching during Black History Month and UK Disability History Month, so we need ideas that are contemporary and innovative that bring your voice to ITV.

We are not looking for the obvious, niche or cliched, we want unique perspectives that explore mainstream ideas to deliver content seen through a diverse prism.

We want entertaining as well as thought-provoking; above all else we're looking for authenticity and originality. We want ideas you are passionate about.

If you don’t have an idea to submit but would still like to apply, please send your CV & a showreel showcasing your shooting, editing and Producer/Director skills, and if successful in your application, we will match you with one of the MultiStory projects that are currently being developed.

This is an incredible opportunity for you to get your ideas seen and to set you on a successful career path as a Producer/Director or Director.

In order to apply, you will need to fulfil all of the following criteria:

  • You are Black or from a Black heritage background if you are applying for Black History Month and if you are applying for UK Disability Month, Disabled, and/or Deaf, and/or Neurodivergent. If you are Black or from a Black heritage background, and are Disabled, and/or Deaf, and/or Neurodivergent you are eligible to apply for both strands.

  • You are at least 18 (eighteen) years old on the date you apply to the programme;

  • You are a legal resident in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or Ireland.

  • You must have demonstrable ability to self-shoot;

  • You must have demonstrable ability to self edit;

  • If successful, this must be your first credit as a Producer/Director or Director for a single film or episode to be publicly broadcast (any work for a commercial shall be excluded);

  • You must have at least three years of television/film production or content creation experience;

  • If you are submitting a programme idea, the idea submitted must be original to you and is not being considered anywhere else or by anyone else;

  • You can submit only one idea/application.

  • You are welcome to apply WITHOUT an idea

  • You can only apply as a solo applicant and we will not be accepting applications from companies.

If you fit the above criteria, please submit your application here. Remember to have your CV and showreel ready to upload.



1. What is Fresh Cuts 2024?

Fresh Cuts 2024 is our factual/entertainment strand which will consist of short form content that will be shown on ITV platforms during Black History Month in October 2024 and Disability History Month during 16 November 2024 - 16 December 2024.

2. Why are you only looking for Black or Black heritage Producer/Directors or Directors?

As this is programming for Black History Month, we are keen to hear from those who have a unique and authentic experience of being Black in the UK today. We also recognise that there is a severe lack of representation of Black Filmmakers in our industry today. There are multiple reports that have been conducted highlighting the lack of Black Filmmakers in the industry. These include the 2020 report Race and Ethnic Diversity: a deep dive into Diamond data by the Creative Diversity Network, which showed that only 1.6% of Directors were Black. In the latest CDN Diamond report, just 9.5% of People of Colour were credited as Directors.

3. Why are you also looking for Disabled, and/or Deaf, and/or Neurodivergent talent Producer/Directors as well?

For the first time this year, we are also producing content for UK Disability Month so we are looking for Disabled, and/or Deaf, and/or Neurodivergent Producer/Directors. We know from industry wide research through Diamond, our industry reporting system and through our support of the TV Access Project that there is a lack of Deaf, Disabled and/or Neurodivergent talent at Producer/Director level so be extending Fresh Cuts, we looking for talent that we can support and help thrive. The CDN’s latest Diamond report showed only 4.6% of Deaf, Disabled and/or Neurodivergent people were credited as Directors.

4. Can I send in Drama ideas?

No, we are only looking for Unscripted/Factual ideas. You are also welcome to send in any format ideas.

5. What should I be thinking of in terms of ideas?

We are encouraging you to be as bold as possible. We are looking for ideas you think can show us your unique vision in a series of approximately four episodes.

6. Are you looking for a specific documentary style?

No, we are looking for fresh ideas and new takes - please have a look at last year’s films on ITVX to see the range of styles that were produced.

7. Is there any more information I can look at to help steer my idea?

Yes. The idea will be part of ITV’s Factual output so their commissioning page can give you a good idea of the tone, style and content they look for across all their commissions.

8. Will I be paid?

Yes, you will be paid an industry freelance rate for producer/directors; this will be taken from the programme budget.

9. How are MultiStory involved?

MultiStory are part of ITV Studios and are a very experienced Factual production company. They will be ‘housing’ all the content creation and will help you with the budgeting, crewing and producing of the shorts.

10. I don’t have much experience making factual programmes but I have created content before. Can I still apply?

Yes! ITV and MultiStory will help you make your shorts so you will be fully supported throughout the process.

11. Can I apply with an idea?

Yes, you are able to apply with an idea.

12. Can I apply WITHOUT an idea?

Yes. Please make sure you indicate this on your application form. For those applying without an idea we will match you with a MultiStory idea if your application is successful.

13. What if you don’t like my idea but like my CV/showreel?

In this scenario, we will match you with one of the MultiStory projects that are currently being developed.

14. I applied before with an idea but was unsuccessful. Can I apply again with the same idea?

You are very welcome to reapply but we will NOT be able to accept any ideas that were submitted for previous Fresh Cuts strands. Please apply with a new idea or apply without an idea.

15. I am based in the nations and regions, can I apply?

Yes. Please note that pre-production and post-production may take place in London.

16. How long will I need to be available if I am successful and is the role full time?

You will be contracted for a set number of weeks, depending on the content you are creating, between June and November and we expect that when you are working with us, you will be available full-time.

17. Do you have any Terms & Conditions (T & Cs) that I need to read before applying?

Yes! Please read these T & C’s before applying.

18. What is the Diversity Commissioning Fund?

We launched our Diversity Commissioning Fund (DCF) in 2022, reserving £80 million of our existing commissioning budget over three years to drive change towards racial and disability equity when it comes to whose stories get told and which individuals are given opportunities in TV production. Fresh Cuts 2024 is funded through the DCF.

19. How are the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) team involved in the strand?

The D&I team will be there to support the directors throughout the process. This includes and is not limited to, organising Induction sessions, networking sessions as well as being part of the selection process.

20. When is the deadline?

Closing date for applications is now SUNDAY 19th MAY

Logo of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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