Coronation Street

Preview Pictures: Coming Up On The Cobbles

Coming up on the cobbles: There's trouble in the Rovers, Sally stands trial and is there more heartbreak ahead for Mary?

Trouble In The Rovers?

Johnny tells Kate and Rana that he will pay for their IUI treatment. Kate is thrilled, but is Rana?
Later, Johnny is not pleased when he finds out Rita will be staying with them in the Rovers!
And, Jenny lends Liz a phone, but is her good deed all that it seems?

Michelle and Robert

All Kate's talk of babies has made Robert broody but will Michelle entertain the idea of having another child?

Sally Stands Trial

Tim's confused when Sophie tells him how desperate Sally is to speak to him. Especially because Gina told him quite the opposite!
At court, it's Gina's turn to defend Sally, will she paint a rosy picture of her sister?
Sally finally takes to the stand and protests her innocence. Will the jury decide that she's telling the truth?
And, what does the future hold for Paula and Sophie?

Happy Families?

Fiz and Tyrone return home to find Evelyn threatening Hope! What will they do next?

Mary's Heartbreak

Roy treats Mary to afternoon tea in the Bistro to celebrate Jude's birthday. But is she hiding something?
Later, Angie and Mary are asked to attend the mortuary to ID a body... But is it who they think it is?

Jack Gives Back

After a successful physio session, Jack announces that he wants to do some fundraising for the hospital.

Bullying Brian

The pressure mounts on Brian at school as he comes into conflict with Phil. Does he have what it takes to be a teacher?
Coronation Street