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Preview Pictures: A Storm Is Brewing

Coming up: Kim and Will’s big day has arrived! But a storm is brewing… who will make it to safety?

The Wedding Day

It’s the day of the wedding and Kim makes an entrance to remember!

As she makes her way to the venue, the guest head outside to see the magisterial spectacle.

Afterwards, as the celebrations begin, a windswept Lydia arrives and asks for help, they can’t find Amelia in the storm!

Meanwhile, a terrified Amelia hides out in a barn.

Time is of the essence as she hunkers down, trying to cope with her contractions.

Harriet fights the dangerous conditions as she searches for Amelia.

Kim also struggles against the elements. She soon spots Harriets tracks.

Will anyone get to Amelia in time?

Al’s Decision

Upon realising that it’s truly over, Al tells Chas that he’s leaving town.

But when both Chas and Kerry are injured by flying debris, Al has a choice to make.

He rushes over to Chas.

Leaving Kerry with a sense that something isn’t right.

Will she find out about the affair?

Liv and Vinny Battle The Storm

Liv is frustrated with Aaron, she doesn’t want him to leave again.

Later, Vinny and Liv struggle against the storm but they’re determined to press on.

Will they make it to safety?


Marlon and Mary fear for Rhona when she doesn’t return home.

Charles and Nicola battle the elements together.

And Diane and Pollard survey the damage, can the Village be rebuilt?

Make sure you're up to date with all episodes before our big 50th drama unfolds.

Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings