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Next week: Will Cain come to his senses? Charles searches for Naomi and Liv gets a visitor!

Will Cain come to his senses?

Moira makes a heartfelt plea for Cain to be there for Faith.

Has she finally got through to her husband, even just a little?

There's a slight thawing from Cain when he delivers Faith a card made by Isaac.

He later makes effort to speak to his mother.

At the Hospital, Faith receives the news her cancer has spread.

Chas is left tearful when Faith decides she’s refusing further chemo.

Later, Chas and Cain reminisce through the night and Cain agrees to make an effort regarding Faith.

But has he left it too late?

Charles searches for Naomi

Charles Anderson is shocked when Ethan gets news that his sister Naomi has gone missing.

Charles is racked with guilt to realise Naomi’s disappearance is likely down to his refusal to meet her.

Whilst searching in a bar, he spots Naomi arguing with her bar manager.

Charles jumps in to defend her and pushes over her boss in the process.

Naomi’s bewildered when Charles lets slip she’s his daughter.

How will she react?

Meanwhile, Manpreet returns and learns Charles has gone looking for his missing daughter.

Liv has a surprise visitor!

Liv is stunned when her mum, Sandra, turns up.

She's supposedly there to help... but is all as it seems?


Matty gets wind that Amy has been asking about his moods.

He snaps and sends a chair flying.

Moira suggests that he should be honest with Amy.

Will Leyla come clean about her addiction?

And outside the Hop, Chas and Al share a passionate kiss!

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Weekday evenings