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Coming Up In The Village!

Next week: Faith goes on the rob, Leyla gets into some serious trouble and Billy has some exciting news for Dawn.

Faith Goes On The Rob!

Nate is shocked to hear what Faith has planned...

Going through with the plan's, Faith chooses a very inconspicuous disguise.

But she gets rumbled and chased down the street!

Luckily, Cain and Nate are there to help.

Leyla's Highs and Lows

Priya decides to go against Leyla's instructions.

and pays the price when Leyla fires her.

Then, Leyla sets her sights on getting Kim's wedding back.

After Will sees that Lydia is struggling he agrees to give it back to Take A Vow.

Everything seems to be finally going right for Leyla.

Until her drug dealer turns up and has a little job for her.

Just when things couldn't get any worse, there's a misunderstanding from Matty...

Billy Changes His Mind

Billy has some exciting news for Dawn.

He decides they should take custody of Clemmie.

Dawn is thrilled that Billy has changed his mind.

Vanessa's Surprise!

Mary decides to open up to Vanessa.

But Mary misreads Vanessa's kindness for something else.

And Mary leans in for a kiss.

Marlon's Stag

Paddy gets a little worried when Marlon falls asleep at his stag.

But never fear, Paddy has a plan.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings