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Shock and Surprise Is In The Air

Next week: Sandra confesses her money troubles, Noah gets an unexpected visitor and Dawn makes a discovery.

Shock! Sandra Has a Confession

Sandra tells Liv and Vinny her money issues.

Not only are Liv and Vinny shocked by the amount, but they also get a shock when an unwelcome guest turns up...

How will they get out of this one?

Surprise! Noah Has An Unexpected Visitor

Gabby is horrified when she finds out Noah wants her to visit.

After throwing it away, Amelia decides to take her place.

And Noah is definitely surprised when he sees her.

Shock! Dawn Makes a Discovery

After agreeing to go visit her friend.

Dawn finds a child in her house.

She doesn't know who her mum is and Dawn doesn't know what to do.

Surprise! Marlon Has A Question For Paddy

Marlon sits Paddy down to ask him a serious question.

And Paddy is over the moon when he's asked to be Marlon's best man.


Nicola has a name to give to the police.

And Sandra starts work in the Salon!

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Weekday evenings