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Next Week: Charity and McKenzie's world falls apart, Charles is found unconscious and Clemmie comes home!

Charity's Story

Moira talks to Mackenzie about how he's nailing being a father, but meanwhile, Charity suddenly has a severe stomach cramp and she realises this doesn't seem good for her pregnancy...

Unconscious Charles

Charles is happy when Naomi turns up at the church to meet him.

But shortly a passing Manpreet hears raised voices and Naomi storms out of the church.

After rushing in, she finds Charles unconscious.

She tells the police what she saw and Naomi gets questioned...

Clemmie's Coming Home

Dawn and Billy tell Lucas that Clemmie is coming to stay!

Lucas is thrilled with the news.

Although, when Clemmie arrives she has to be coaxed away from her social worker's side.

And, after playing with Lucas, Clemmie scratches his arm.

Kim has a stern word and Clemmie starts to cry.

Dawn and Billy arrive in the chaos and Dawn's left kicking herself for not staying with Clemmie.

Noah's New Job

Charity drags Noah to work at the pub, but when Dan expresses his annoyance, Charity doesn't hold back...


Chas is torn between her desire for Al and her responsibility to her mum.

And Mandy is determined to prove her suspicions about Sandra.

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Weekday evenings