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Coming up: Jordan attacks Ethan and has a warning for Billy. Also: Faith tries to fix bridges and Suzy puts her foot in it!

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In Jordan's Defence...

Ethan is conflicted when trying to find a good reason to defend Jordan...

But his decision gets made for him when Jordan shows his true colours.

Ethan calls him out and it doesn't end well.

Will Ethan be okay?

Later, Jordan has a warning for Billy.

What will Billy do next?

Building Bridges

Faith's news has left her wanting to build bridges, starting with Cain.

But it doesn't go well.

Next up, she apologises to Dan.

And she even tries to help Sam and Lydia out of their rut.

Digging Up The Past

Moira is inspired by an idea Suzy has and invites her and Leyla over.

Suzy accidentally puts her foot in it when she brings up the idea of using the land Moira's daughter Holly is buried under.

And when she sees a picture of her Holly, Suzy realises she knows her... but how?

Guilty Conscience

Kim and Will have a chat about their relationship.

Will he tell Kim that Jamie might still be alive? or will he keep her in the dark?

Marlon Coming Home

Marlon is nervous to come home after recovering from pneumonia.

But Mary is there for him.

Can she help him to get back on the path to recovery?

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings