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Next Week In The Village!

Next Week: Marlon tries to enjoy his engagement party, Kim fires Leyla and Amelia drops Thomas!

Marlon And Rhona's Party

Marlon and Rhona's engagement party goes ahead!

It's the first time Marlon has been back in The Woolpack.

He manages to do a heart felt speech for Rhona and everyone is thrilled.

But is Marlon as comfortable as he's making out?

Kim Fires Leyla

Leyla is struggling to keep her business together and drops the ball with Kim's wedding plans...

Just when things couldn't get worse, David catches her red-handed!

Amelia's Accident

Amelia agrees to babysit Thomas and Lucas.

With Amelia's dizziness and nausea worsening, disorientated Amelia struggles before fainting and dropping little baby Thomas.

A Nasty Shock For Jai

Jai is shocked to see Laurel flirting with Kit on the street.

And then it gets worse when he witnesses a kiss!

Amelia Visits Noah

Amelia goes to see Noah in prison again and she's thrilled they're getting closer.


Nicola's worried she's accidentally got someone attacked.

And Suzy is back. What has she got planned?

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings