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Decisions decisions

Next week: Temptation takes over and some difficult decisions are made for some of our villagers.

Chas And Al's Decision

Chas and Al bond after a bottle of wine and a few stories.

And leads to Chas stumbling into Al's arms.

There's a moment of weakness and they both give in to temptation.

Faith's Decision

Chas isn't happy that Faith doesn't want treatment, but Cain doesn't agree with his sister...

Leyla's Decision

Leyla's drug dealer pays her a visit at work.

She's tempted when he offers her a deal on some cocaine.

When the dealer sees that Leyla knows Jai, he sees an opportunity to blackmail Leyla to get Jai back on his books...

Sam's Decision

After Lydia shows Sam a brochure of expensive caravans, he decides to scrap the caravan he's bought, in fear it wont be good enough for her.

But Lydia cottons on and forms a plan!


Nicola is struggling after the attack.

And Sarah is finding the news about her grandma very hard.

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Weekday evenings