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Next Week: Chloe is on a war path to find Al's mystery woman. Also: Mack finds out he's having a baby and Leyla and Liam break up!

Chloe's On A War Path

Chloe is determined to find out who Al's mystery woman was.

She starts off by confronting Priya and doesn't believe her when she denies it.

But convinced she's figured it out, she barges into the Woolpack and say's she knows who Al was seeing.

Chas is left petrified as she thinks her world is about to end.

The Baby Is Yours!

Chloe tells Charity she's pregnant.

And is taken back when she asks who the father is.

Charity eventually tells Mack and he runs to talk to Chloe to find out if he's the father...

What will Mack do now?

It's Over

Liam and Leyla have a long talk about their relationship.

They both decide they aren't good for each other.

And take off their wedding rings.

Let Me Help You

Paddy see's Charity really isn't coping and goes to talk to her about it...


Harry ends up in hospital after David left the children unsupervised to open the shop. Victoria is not happy with him!

David dreads telling her she now has 6 points on her licence.

Samson is left feeling betrayed when he finds Lydia and Sam with Esther.

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Logo of Emmerdale
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Weekday evenings